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Mistakes to avoid when looking for an architect

It’s important to choose the right architect Chester for your project, whether it’s commercial or residential. The wrong one can mean your project runs over budget and doesn’t meet code requirements. Keep these common mistakes in mind when looking for an architect so you don’t make them yourself.

Not asking for references

Before you sign a contract with an architect, ask for references from clients. Make sure they’re in your same industry and ask how many projects they worked on together. Then, check out their websites—are they doing similar work? Do you like what you see? Ask yourself: would I hire them if I saw their portfolio first and not yours? If not, keep searching until you find one that inspires confidence. And remember: architecture is more than just buildings; it includes landscaping and interior design as well!

Choosing someone based on low price

When you choose a builder based on their price, chances are you’re not getting value for your money. Builders may advertise low prices, but don’t realize that it may end up costing them more in the long run due to inferior craftsmanship and materials. Instead of choosing based on price alone, spend time researching contractors and review their portfolio. This way, you know what you’re getting from a quality perspective before signing anything.

Choosing someone who isn’t available

It’s tempting to hire someone because they have a good online presence or are constantly at networking events. While it’s great that they are available and seem personable, it’s more important that you find someone with industry knowledge who has experience working on projects similar to yours. Choose a designer with real world experience who can build something that works in your unique situation.

Not getting anything in writing

Since architects don’t often have employees, contracts aren’t a usual part of your interaction with them. But you should still get everything in writing before you work with an architect. This doesn’t mean lawyers and legalese—just a basic agreement between you and your architect that covers how much they charge, how long it will take them to do various parts of your project, and what sort of conditions lead to extra charges or changed deadlines.

Expecting your architect to be flexible

Architects are creative, talented professionals, but they’re also businesspeople and there’s a way of doing things in their industry. If you expect your architect to bend their schedule or be flexible with deadlines because you need something designed and built as quickly as possible, it will only delay your project. Choose an architect who is committed to helping you create what you want in a realistic time frame.

Having unrealistic expectations

The perfect contractor may not exist, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find a solid one. Before you put out your request for proposals (RFPs), understand what you need and what it will cost. Do your research and look at previous projects by each of your top contenders. If there are things that turn you off about their work, move on.