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Student Kitchen Essentials

Left to their own devices, students would probably quite happily live on takeaways and toast. However, even the most takeaway-and-toast-obsessed student needs to venture into their kitchen to cook now and then. But even the most well-equipped student accommodation won’t provide everything a student kitchen needs though, so here are some student kitchen essentials. Stackable […]

Landscaping & Gardening

Why Hire Modern Garden Designers for Your Contemporary Garden

Contemporary gardens are distinguished by a modern, sleek, and sophisticated design. They are inspired by the simplicity of Asian design and emphasize the architecture and materials rather than the plants and greenery. Modern garden designers often use repeating patterns and geometric shapes when creating contemporary outdoor spaces. They often rely heavily on hardscaping and structural […]

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Some tips to enhance the value of your period property

When planning to renovate your period property in Reading Berkshire, it is essential to think about maintaining and enhancing the originality of its character. Period properties need special attention when the renovation is concerned as it is not about the individual building but its surroundings also play an important role in maintaining the charm. You […]