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4 Reasons For You To Participate In The Condominium Assembly

We often live on the same floor as people who have the same tastes as us, play the same sports or travel to nearby places. And in the quick meetings in the elevator, we couldn’t even find any of that. Take the opportunity to make new friends or, at least, get to know the parents of children who play with their children better.

  1. Living In A Group Requires Agreements And Partnerships

A condominium is like a club. It is a group of people who share the same spaces and may have many common goals, but also have divergent opinions that need to be evaluated together.

When you participate in the condominium assembly, you have many benefits and one of them is to give an opinion on the decisions about the day-to-day of group life in your condominium. As in any community, living in the same condominium requires agreements and partnerships that are signed at these meetings.

  1. No Use Complaining Later

Due to the rush of daily life, conflicting schedules and, sometimes, lack of willingness, many unit owners end up not attending the scheduled meetings, in which the present and future of the condominium is discussed and voted on. When this disinterest sets in, the exchange of ideas and opinions is weakened and decisions are left in the hands of a few. Afterwards, it’s no use complaining.

This is without commenting on situations in which a certain quorum is necessary for the approval of something important and of interest to everyone, such as a project that alters the structure of the building, for example. Without the presence of the majority, decisions and actions are postponed and this can harm the condominium like Charoennakorn (คอนโด เจริญนคร which is the term in Thai) in several aspects, including financial.

  1. Lack Is The Same As Postponing A Problem

Other common themes in assemblies are the rules that will govern the daily life of condominium life (for example, rules for the use of the swimming pool or for the community garden), choice of the future manager, approval of the budget for the year, budget forecast for the year next, approval of expenses, value of contributions from unit owners, approval of accounts and discussions of problems that affect the well-being of all.

In other words, the themes are directly related to your finances and your satisfaction and that of your family members. Believe me: it is much better and easier to participate at the time of the meeting, which is there for that, than wanting to cancel something that has been approved without your presence in court or by deliberation of a new meeting.

  1. How About Making Friends And Strengthening Relationships?

While condo meetings can be a little boring and even exhausting at times, due to some heated disagreements, they are also an opportunity for you to build closer relationships with neighbors and even make new friends.