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What is a house extension?

It is an extension to your home, typically a single-storey addition such as a kitchen or dining room. It’s possible to add more than one storey to your house and you can extend side-by-side (known as side return extensions) or at the rear of your property. A two-storey extension would see you adding an extra bedroom or bathroom upstairs, for example.

What’s the point of a house extension?

The obvious benefit of extending your home is creating more space — but there are other reasons why you may wish to extend. Depending on the type of extension and how it is designed, it may be possible to improve views from within your home, transform neglected outdoor space into an attractive terrace or even create a more energy efficient living space. A house extension can also be an effective way of adding value to your home if done well

The cost of building an extension varies depending on what you want and where you live in the UK. For example, extending in London will always be more expensive than extending in Devon. Other factors that affect cost include the size of the build and how much work needs doing internally once the walls are up.

A house extensions by judges building services is the ideal way to create the space you need for your growing family. You could consider moving house but relocating can be expensive and stressful. Instead, you could choose to build a home extension that not only gives you more space but also adds significant value to your property.

Check out these top tips on how to extend your house – as well as the important things you need to consider before going ahead with an extension project.

Extending your home allows you to add space and value to your property. A house extension can give you extra room to accommodate a growing family, work from home or simply provide that extra bit of space you’ve always wanted.

You can extend a house by adding extra space to the side, back or roof of your home. You can opt for a single-storey extension, which will increase the floor area of one floor, or a double-storey extension, which adds a second storey to your property.

If you want to extend your house but don’t know what type of extension is best for you, our guide on extending houses will tell you everything you need to know about different types of extensions and how much each might cost.

A house extension is an addition to your home’s overall floor area. They’re typically used to increase living space in the form of an additional bedroom, bathroom or kitchen area. Other reasons for extending include creating more office space if you work from home or an area for entertaining guests.

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