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Top Tips To Make your Home More Rustic

If you’ve always dreamed of a home that is more rustic than suburban, it’s time to make your dream come true. Who knows? You might even jump on the bandwagon and join the modern-rustic decorating trend (more on that later). But first, how do you make your home feel more rustic?

We’re here to help with this list of tips.

1) Hire a professional carpenter

Many houses have lost their rustic charm when their windows and doors were “updated” with PVC versions. There are joiners in Sussex that specialise in making bespoke items with a rustic feel that can reverse these “design” ideas.

2) Open up your living space

We again blame the interior design trends for this one. We’re seeing the results of many people building huge houses that are filled to the brim with massive sofas and oversized TV screens. Instead, consider switching from big to bigger by turning your formal living room into a more relaxed living space.

3) Add a fireplace or firepit to the outdoors.

Of course, this should be an area you’re comfortable using year-round – not just for special occasions.

4) Choose materials that age well

Also, if you can find a local supplier, all the better – their products will have a story. For example,  staining your fence with a traditional stain that has been made locally.

5) Add some interesting objects and artwork to your home.

The key is to slightly mismatch these items, so they seem more authentic. If you’re lucky enough to live near a state park, scout the gift shops for oddities that would fit right in with your rustic theme. As always, an online search will show you just how many speciality stores exist online where you can find antiques and one-of-a-kind items.

6) Hire a professional interior designer

An interior designer with a good brief can help you create the look of a rustic cabin in your home.

7) Display rustic items proudly on open shelving

You don’t need to hide your treasures behind glass – show them off! Consider using floating shelves made of reclaimed wood.

8) Incorporate elements of nature in your decorating scheme

For example, place dried floral arrangements in antique vases. Or buy handmade items like these traditionally made bowls to create that rustic look you are going for.

9) Avoid any home renovations that “modernise” the rustic look of your home.

That means no fake wood beams, no vinyl siding, and no aluminium or PVC doors and windows. That includes your fence – don’t replace it with a new version that doesn’t look like it belongs on the property!

10) Bring some greenery into your home.

Indoor plants finally serve a purpose beyond making a room look better – they bring you closer to nature and make you feel happier.

Remember, there is no one correct approach to creating a rustic home – it’s all about finding your own style. As you can see, there are many ways to achieve this look. It’s also worth mentioning that creating a rustic home does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, even if you live in an old building, there are many ways to add rustic touches in your home without spending a fortune. If nothing else, the ideas here can inspire your creative side and help you create a one-of-a-kind setting for you and your family.

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