Unleash the Power of the Octopus Referral Code: A Shortcut to Incredible Deals

We all love getting freebies and discounts, especially when it translates to savings. When it comes to maximizing your savings, referral codes are a great way to go. In this guide, we’ll be taking a comprehensive look at using Octopus referral code.

Octopus is a popular e-wallet service in Hong Kong that offers a range of features such as top-ups, bill payments, and even transportation payments. The platform’s referral program has become popular among its users due to the lucrative rewards and ease of use.

In this guide, we’ll dive into how you can save more money using Octopus referral codes.

Understanding Octopus Referral Program

Octopus offers its users a referral program that rewards them with HK$20 for every eligible referral made. The referred user will also receive HK$20 after completing their first transaction of HK$50 or more. With Octopus being such an essential service in Hong Kong, referring friends and family is quite easy and can result in significant savings after a while.

To start referring your friends and family, you need to sign up and get your referral code. You can find your referral code in the app by clicking on ‘Invite Friends’ within the menu on the bottom left of the screen. You can share your referral code via various means such as social media, text message, or even email.

Rules and Eligibility for Referrals

Before you start referring your friends, it’s important to know the rules that apply. Firstly, the referred user must be a new user of Octopus, which means they must not have used the app before. Secondly, the referred user must complete their first transaction of over HK$50 to receive the HK$20 reward. It’s also important to note that the reward is only applicable to the first five referrals you make, and the referred user must enter the referral code provided before making their first transaction.

Maximizing your Savings

To maximize your savings, you need to refer as many eligible users as possible and ensure they complete their transactions successfully. Going by the rules, if you refer five new users, they complete a transaction of over HK$50, and you receive a reward of HK$20 each, you’ll have a total of HK$100.

Furthermore, Octopus regularly offers promotions and discounts to its users, such as cashback and rebates. You can take advantage of these offers by using your referral code to refer friends and family, ensuring you all save money on transactions.

Other Octopus Features that Promote Savings

Apart from the referral program, Octopus has other features that promote savings. For instance, the app allows you to link your Octopus to other services such as PayPal and purchase discounted movie tickets. You can also use your Octopus to make payments for transportation services such as MTR, buses, and trams, which earn you rewards through the Octopus Rewards program.

Additional Tips

To make the most of your referral program and other features, we recommend that you keep your Octopus account active. You can do this by ensuring there’s sufficient balance in your Octopus account, using your Octopus regularly, and ensuring you receive notifications about promotions and discounts. Lastly, always check your app to keep up to date with any new promotions or discounts that Octopus may offer to its users.


With the Octopus referral program, it’s easy to save money and possibly earn significant rewards over time. By referring eligible users, completing transactions, and taking advantage of promotions, you can maximize your savings and enjoy the benefits that Octopus offers. With these tips, you can start saving more and taking advantage of the benefits that come with using Octopus as your go-to e-wallet service.