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Factors You Should Consider Before Buying Security Grilles

Adding security grilles to your home or business premises can provide an extra layer of protection against potential theft and break-ins. Retractable internal grilles are much more covert than the bulky exterior security shutters that are usually seen on stores and other commercial properties. They can be installed behind your windows and doors. They work well to deter burglars from smashing glass, reaching in to open doors and windows, or just climbing through. These grilles are not a cure-all, despite the fact that they are rated to withstand even the most prepared intruders. Therefore, it is wise to think about a few things before choosing the security grille type that is best for you. 

Safety concerns

Usually, retractable grilles are installed in a frame that fits around the interior of your windows and doors. They slide closed quickly and easily, and a single key can be used to lock them at multiple points. In essence, these grilles are made of galvanized steel lattice that can be folded back and extended as needed. Owing to their design, they can be locked even when the windows are open, letting light and ventilation in. It is usually advised to leave any ground-floor grilles open for fire safety reasons. You should also make sure that any first-floor windows that lead to a fire escape are also open. In the event of a major incident, locked grilles will also slow down fire crews and other emergency services, whether or not you are inside the house. Keep your keys near the grilles, preferably out of sight and out of reach, to avoid being stuck if you have to quickly leave.

Additional security

Retractable grilles are a reliable and discrete property defense system. They should be completely invisible from a distance, and within the structure, they can be folded up and concealed by pelmets and curtains. But when they’re extended, everyone peering in through your windows will be able to see them clearly. Since most theft is opportunistic, most thieves will just walk away at this point and look for someone easier target to steal from.

Nevertheless, the grilles do show would-be burglars that you own valuable property. They might determine that it is worthwhile for them to search for an alternate entrance or to return at a later time in the hope that you have left the grilles open. For this reason, it is always advisable to combine security grilles with additional security measures like CCTV cameras and intruder alarms. 

Planning permission

For those with reasonable do-it-yourself skills, installing internal security grilles is usually a fairly simple task. Additionally, the suppliers like Qsec will be able to assist you with professional fitters. Before installing grilles, it is advisable to find out if planning permission is needed for your property in some situations.

Damage to your property

External security grilles usually roll down to completely enclose the window or entrance. These are intended for use in scenarios without regard to aesthetics, such as on storefronts after hours, where a high level of protection and visual deterrence are required. These grilles are better suited for use in garages at home. Internal security grilles are better for use at home because they are more covert and can look relatively good even when they are fixed in place.