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6 Purchases To Help Your Home Beat The Summer Heat

Summers are getting warmer and the UK is experiencing more numerous periods of extended heat. While these changes primarily raise concerns about our shared climate, they also prompt our society to reconsider its home design. 

Housing in the UK has long been focused on keeping residents warm and dry in a climate that is known for grey and wet weather. Now, as temperatures rise, residents are looking for ways to beat the heat and make their homes cooler, especially during the summer heat.

Here are 6 purchases you can make that will not only help you to keep your home cooler during the summer period but also to sleep better during the warm nights too.

Ceiling Fans

Seldom seen in the UK, ceiling fans are a regular feature for many homes elsewhere in the world. These features are not only elegant and discreet but work exceptionally well to cool a home by circulating air around a living space.

What’s more, ceiling fans are also cost-effective to run too, making them a financially viable alternative to some of the more expensive air conditioning options available.


Setting up outdoor structures, such as converted sheds or log cabins, extends a living space into a garden and offers residents a cooler space in which to be during the summer. These outbuildings can become office spaces for those wanting to work in a more open professional space or simply be a well-ventilated and lit space to relax in even on a sweltering day.

Door Screens

Another feature that has come across to the UK from the US is the door screen. These mesh screens attach to windows and doors and allow for homes to be exposed to the elements, letting in cooler air, while preventing insects from getting in (and pets from getting out). A worthy purchase for those wanting to keep a comfortable airflow through their home without the pesky intrusion of flies.

LED Bulbs

It may sound like swapping out bulbs would only make a negligible impact but replacing traditional bulbs in the home with LED alternatives can have a significantly positive effect on your home. LED bulbs produce less heat, as well as consume less electricity, making them not only suitable for a cooler home (especially at night) but also a more affordable and sustainable one too.


Curtains are often recommended for keeping a home cool and they are effective but they also keep light out. Purchasing drapes instead will help a home to feel brighter while still keeping it cooler in the summer. Blinds are also an excellent consideration, since they can be adjusted to meet various room needs.

Plant Life

Few residents will need more reasons to purchase houseplants but these aesthetically rich additions to a home will also help to keep it both shaded and cool. Larger plants can be kept nearer to windows, helping to mitigate the shade inside a home, while smaller and hanging plants can surround seating areas and desks to divide rooms up and help them to feel more comfortable.