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Here’s Why You Should Have Your Basement Waterproofed

During rainy or snowy seasons you want your home to be dry, warm, and cozy. And to keep your home dry and liveable, you must waterproof it, especially the basement. If water leaks and gets into this part of the house it could cause a number of problems. 

That is why it must be done even before any problem arises or it can lead to a very expensive repair. This article will talk about why basement waterproofing should be a top priority for homeowners.

Protect Building Structure

Various waterproofing methods can help improve the structural safety of a building. If water gets into the basement, the structure may crack, shift, or even fall. Homeowners can protect their home’s basement from water damage by sealing the walls and floors of the foundation. You can also put in sump pumps and make use of the drainage systems.

Prevent Mold and Mildew Growth

Mold and mildew can become a huge problem. And it can’t thrive in a basement that is kept dry. However, it can start to grow in areas that are damp. And if not checked, fungi can give off a foul smell that can cause health problems.  For some, it can make breathing difficult and also trigger allergies and asthma. When the basement of your home is waterproofed, you know that you have done ways to keep the family healthy.

Protection Against Property Damage

Water leaking into your basement can also lead to more serious property damage. It will not only weaken the structure itself but can also damage your stored belongings. This can only lead to financial losses and emotional distress. Basement waterproofing is a preventive measure against such damages.

Avoid Basement Flooding

With a secured basement you can be assured that water won’t be able to seep through in any possible way. If there is a lot of rain, snow melts, or there are plumbing issues, the basement can flood if it is not waterproofed. To prevent basement flooding, install waterproofing reinforcements on the exterior and interior drainage system as well as a sump pump.

Improved Energy Efficiency

Waterproofing a basement is another way to save on utility costs. Water leakage can increase the humidity throughout the house. And if this happens, you will need to constantly use dehumidifiers and air conditioners to balance out the air conditions in your home. Waterproofing reduces excess moisture which allows your home to be healthier, more comfortable, and live in a less expensive environment.

Adds to Overall Property Value

Boost the overall value of your home by waterproofing the basement. If you are planning to sell the house in the future, homebuyers want to prefer a property that has been well cared for. They will do a thorough inspection to ensure that there are no major structural flaws. A basement that has been waterproofed shows that the homeowners cared for the property. This means that its resale value and appeal can both be improved.

There are a ton of reasons why homeowners should make sure their basements are waterproofed. With these considerations in mind, making sure that basement waterproofing is done should be a high priority on every homeowner’s list.