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What does a freezer cost in electricity per year?

The most significant question everyone asks when it turns out to buy a freezer that how much it costs in respect of electricity usage per year or in a month or during the day. It might vary with respect to wattage that a freezer use, and the power it requires to function properly, as well as, how many hours out of the day it works.

The better way is to compare different models of deep freezers, chest freezers, compact freezers, and upright freezers. So that you might have knowledge of how much does it cost run a freezer of your choice. The basic idea and information available regarding the cost of electricity averages an amount of $54.78 per year to run a freezer. This implies that it will cost $4.56 per month, and in return $0.15 per day and $0.006 per hour. That is relatively low as most of us would think about.

Compact chest freezers

Another aspect is comparing the cost of Compact chest freezers which are estimated to be the cheapest of all to run, and these are assumed to be costing $29.47 annually, on average. While on the other hand, Upright freezers are one of the most expensive freezers to run, costing you on average at $66.83 per year. Which is higher than any other freezer cost you might have known. The most phenomenal and efficient freezer that consumes the least amount of electricity per cubic foot is what that costs $4.33 per month on average to run. So, you better check for Energy Star appliances and certified energy-efficient appliances.

The most energy-efficient freezer available in the market these days with latest technology that consumes the least amount of electricity per year costs $20.55 to work properly. While the most general type, it will costs $0.15 per day to function properly on average. When it is projected to per month cost, it costs $4.56 to run a freezer, and with annual protection, this cost will be $54.78 on average. The most common phenomenon with respect to cost for running a freezer is $0.16 per day, $4.92 per month and $59.10 per year. But overall, collectively for all these types, it costs between $0.06 and $0.27 per day to run a freezer.

Most energy-efficient freezer

The most energy-efficient freezer is one of the chest freezers that cost $4.33 per month to run with full efficiency. This when split to per hour, per day, and per annum cost, will works out to be $0.14 per day, $0.006 per hour and $51.90 per year. This cost analysis is slightly lower than the average cost to run a average freezer. However, this type of chest freezer has a massive 21.7 ft3 capacity. With such a low power consumption per cubic foot capacity, this type of chest freezer is the most energy efficient freezer on the market.

So, this is the idea of average cost of running an energy-efficient freezer, Now, you will have a better understanding of how much a freezer would cost to you in terms of electricity per year, per month, per day, and per hour.