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Industrial Design: 3 Designers’ Insights Before You Start

What Is Industrial Design? | Industrial Designers Society of America - IDSA

Ready to start an exciting journey of creating your own unique, functional home? While the industrial interior allows experimenting, it also has some rules and challenges. It’s not easy to decorate non-standard spaces and keep the charm of industrial building heritage. Read on and learn 3 designers’ insights that might be useful, let alone inspiring.

Eclectic, Minimalist, Rustic, etc. – No Matter Stylistics, Make it Bright

Creating industrial style, whether minimalist, eclectic, or rustic – first and foremost, think of the ways to create bright spaces. Well-thought-out lighting (natural and artificial) is essential in any interior. Still, when it comes to industrial design, it’s about unpolished, rough, distinctive details. Here, light plays a significant role in softening the overall image and creating cosiness.

Covering windows is one of the most challenging parts because of both – unique industrial styles and usually non-standard windows. Often, industrial and minimalist décor go hand-in-hand. If you are looking to craft unique yet decluttered spaces, consider custom-made exterior roller blinds. Automated and even remotely controlled mechanisms, easy maintenance, waterproof and UV-protective fabrics, not to mention less dust inside – just a few perks worth your attention.

Turn Defects into Décor Effects

Industrial design is typical when decorating industrial buildings turned into residences. So, likely, your new home has plenty of unusual, unique details. Some might call them defects, but they might be easily turned into effective decorations. Don’t try to hide concrete columns or ceiling, brick walls and charming old tiles. 


In other words, before you start with designers, walk around, and point out the little things you would like to save. Interior designers claim that the interior and exterior should match; therefore, it might be the way to create a harmonious overall picture.

Use Upcycled Materials

Interior designers often say that those who choose industrial décor celebrate the beauty of unique, perfectly imperfect places. That’s why it’s essential to make the most of the details that seem like defects in other interiors. It’s a perfect environment for an old meets new approach.

Not necessarily it should be vintage. Designers encourage the implementation of upcycled materials – finishes, furniture, and art pieces. The industrial environment is not only about statement pieces but also about making a statement – celebrating the beauty of imperfection, natural materials, forms and textures, quality, and uniqueness.


Even though the industrial style might seem chaotic at first sight, there is so much attention to detail. And so much effort to preserve and celebrate that beauty of imperfect. That’s why it’s wise to consult with professionals – architects, interior designers, window treatment specialists, carpenters, etc.