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The Social Media Trends Influencing Interior Design

Interior design trends have often been influenced by social media trends, with many using various social platforms to follow their favourite design influencers. However, with the rise of TikTok and social media platforms specifically formatted to encourage the discovery of new trends and profiles, there is a greater amount of power given to potential interior design aesthetics. Now, a certain colour or fabric could be only one video or image away from being celebrated in homes across the country.

Now, a certain colour or fabric could be only one video or image away from being

celebrated in homes across the country.

Reliable interior designers like AC Vision, are already seeing such effects and there are a number of newly popular home design trends that are taking over and, today, we’re sharing some of the most popular!

Royal Gold

The hashtag #royalcore is among the most popular design trends currently, with many celebrating a new wave of regal decor elements. From golden embellishments and luxurious prints to ornate tapestries and crystal glassware, residential homes are taking inspiration from European royalty and indulging in stunning vintage styles.

Farm Aesthetics

While not every resident can choose to locate themselves among the green pastures of the UK’s countryside, many can incorporate the most appealing features of farm aesthetics into their interior design. Barn doors and cast iron stoves, such as Agas, are, despite their costs, being more greatly sought after within urban homes and residents seek to introduce elements of a more natural lifestyle into their living spaces.

Natural Living

By a similar token, homes inspired by nature, those that go beyond simply embracing houseplants, are more frequently appearing online, not only among interior design influencers but wellbeing gurus too. Relaxation spaces, floral prints, growing vegetables, and a more significant cross-over between outdoors and indoors are leading to a new generation of green-fingered residents who are increasingly likely to create their own compost and buy log cabins.

Future Focus

Technology has increasingly become a part of interior design, especially in the wake of smart home culture, and social media groups are not immune to the excitement of futuristic homes. An increasing number of residents are drawing from gadget-rich home designs, often which are celebrated by influencers living in small apartments who demonstrate how technology can be as useful for space saving as it is for time-saving.

70s Nostalgia

The aesthetics of previous decades seem to come and go frequently, especially among fashion and interior design. As communities transition into a post-pandemic society, there is a growing nostalgia for the purportedly halcyon days of the 1970s. This revival is leading to a number of floral prints, bright colours, and funky, plush designs returning to homes. It’s only a matter of time before shag rug returns too!


Perhaps the final signifier that minimalism as an interior design trend is finally concluding its popularity, is the spread of maximalism. There is a growing maximalism trend among TikTok design influencers who are showcasing their fascinating and cosy living spaces, demonstrating how an abundance of furniture and trinkets doesn’t mean a home is cluttered but, instead, beautiful.