Three Styles of Temporary Patio Covers to Choose From

Your patio and deck can be a great extension to the living area of your home, especially if you live in an area with warm weather most of the year. You might not realize that Butte Fence has several patio covers, Boise to choose from when deciding how you want to cover your space. Since there are a wide variety of styles available, it’s important to pick the one that matches the style of your home and how you want to use the space. As the cover is an extension of your home, your choice is not just about design but also functionality. Ask your contractor, and do your research to develop a cover that will work best for your home.

As you’re researching, this article’s list of cover choices will provide an introduction to what is available to you. The options below give you the flexibility to choose whether you want them to be permanent or temporary.


Awnings have been a patio/deck option for years. They have improved in their design and constructed materials since their inception. It’s interesting to note that the first documentation of awnings dates back to the Roman empire.

These coverings are designed to incline downwards. This design ensures that anything that lands on the awning, such as debris or water, will roll off. Awnings continue to be popular for their flexibility. You can install a permanent awning or add a retractable option. The retractable kind offers both motorized and nonmotorized, depending on your needs.

The retractable coverings can be perfect in areas where you only use your deck a few months out of the year. For instance, you can pull the awning back during the winter months, so it isn’t damaged by snow or ice. You can also roll it back during high winds and storms to ensure it is not damaged. They provide an excellent amount of shade and offer quite a bit of customization if you’re looking for a covering that makes a statement.


Canopies are similar to awnings. They are available in both permanent and retractable designs as well. Canopies are often an inexpensive choice when considering patio/deck options. Canopies are also quite easy to set up.

Canopies provide a great deal of shade and are perfect if you’re hosting family for the weekend or simply letting your pets and children play on the deck in warmer months. Like awnings, they are also customizable, so you can find one that matches your home perfectly.

Solar Screens

As the name suggests, solar screens are designed to give considerable protection from the sun. They provide an unfiltered view of the outside while not allowing anyone to see inside. Unlike the other coverings in this article, the screen is made to hang vertically and is more of a protective screen than a covering. They are typically retractable and provide good efficiency for homes that face the sun.


These are just a few options to consider if you are looking for a patio/deck cover that provides you with the flexibility of permanency or not. You can also find more permanent options if you decide, after researching, that you are leaning towards that route.