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Maintenance on Air Conditioning: Services You May Need

You don’t want to be left without an air conditioner when the temperature rises in Texas and elsewhere. Make sure your system is prepared for the hot summer months right away. While there are several things you can do on your own to keep your unit in good shape, the staff at StoneBridge AC is always willing to offer assistance. We’re accessible around the clock, and your pleasure is assured.

What You Can Do To Help Your AC Performance

Checking your AC filter should be your first action. To maintain your unit functioning properly, your filter has to be changed every few months. You can buy filters online or at most big-box retailers. It’s possible that you need to clean your filter rather than replace it. If so, just take it outside and use your hose to wash it. Your filter may require more frequent cleaning or replacement if you have pets.

Verify that the area around the unit is clear of debris. Frequently, leaves and other debris may get caught behind the unit and cause problems. You may also use a soft toothbrush or a tiny cleaning brush to clean the fins on your device. While cleaning, take care not to deform the metal.

When Is the Right Time to Hire Professionals?

Call the staff at StoneBridge AC for AC Repair if you’ve cleaned or changed your filter, checked for debris, and are still unsure if your AC unit is operating correctly. They can visit and examine your unit to determine what might be required, from cleaning condensation lines to inspecting the ducting for leakage, among other things. When the temperature rises both inside and outside, you should call them.

What Services Can an AC Repair Team Provide?

The Longview, Texas, StoneBridge staff provides round-the-clock assistance to get you back up and running. Emergency repairs, AC tune-ups, filter replacements, and other services are available. Their services are ideal when you’re unsure if you’ve ticked all the boxes.

An AC tune-up can inform you if your unit is operating at peak efficiency or if problems need to be fixed. Keep an eye out for leaks, smells, or inadequate air flow and notify them right away.

In order to help you understand the services they are providing and the necessity of routine maintenance, they will take their time going through each function while they are there for a tune-up. The group advises servicing your unit once a year.

A problem with the evaporator coil may also arise. The AC repair staff also provides this service. Early discovery of a coil problem can save money and keep the house comfortably cool if you’re consistent with your maintenance.

While doing their inspection, the crew may also evaluate your air handler. Your home’s airflow is not adequately controlled if your air handler is not working correctly. A defective belt or blocked air filter might be to blame for this. Regardless of the cause, they’ll make sure to remedy it for you.


Make sure specialists can answer all of your AC questions if it gets hot. Call them in once you’ve finished your steps for an extra burst of assurance that you’ll survive the summer relaxed and carefree.