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Different types of wallpapers have been used since the eighteenth century. The earliest wallpapers were afforded by rich people only, they were hand painted and used in palaces mostly. By the start of the 20th century, patterns gained popularity. Wallpapers are a good wall finishing option these days. They can really add aesthetics to your place. In this modern and era full of technology, manufacturers are trying to create wallpapers with additional characteristics like blocking the Wi-Fi waves, protecting the walls from falling by earthquake or for lighting purposes that incorporate LED lights.

Wallpapers are mostly sold in rolls. Here we will discuss the best types of wallpapers you can choose for your wall finishing. Adding wallpaper is absolutely a good idea. There is a brief list of types of wallpapers and their uses and the benefits they provide.


Liner wallpaper:

Liner wall paper is also known as liner paper. It is made from fiberglass or paper. It is good for hiding wall damages and defects, it also minimizes the repairs. This type of wallpaper can also be used as a base for delicate wallpapers. Liner wallpaper is very simple to apply and remove. This wallpaper can be used alone and may even be painted.

Printed wallpaper:

This is the most common type of wallpapers used. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns. The hand printed wallpapers are bit expensive in comparison with digitally printed wallpapers. This type of wallpaper can be mass produced but can also be torn easily. The printed ink is water based so it is good not to these types of wallpapers in kitchen, bathrooms or laundry rooms as they can get torn easily by moisture.

Vinyl wallpapers:

Vinyl wallpapers are composed of printed paper coated with a layer of vinyl. This type of wallpaper is most commonly used. It is popular because of its high durability. The durability of such wallpaper is determined by the thickness of vinyl layering. The thicker the vinyl layer is, the more durable the wallpaper will be. Vinyl wallpapers are good to be used in the bathroom; kitchen and laundry rooms as they can withstand steam. They are also very easy to maintain as they can be easily washed for cleaning purposes.

Foil wallpapers:

It gives your interior space a shiny metallic effect. Such an effect is created by using a polished metal foil as a base for this wallpaper. Foil paper highlights wall defects and damages due to its high reflectivity, so before installing foil wallpaper the base wall needs to be repaired, treated or covered with a base of liner wallpaper. This has to be done neatly not to ruin the foil’s shine and reflectivity.

Flock wallpaper:

Flock wallpaper is created from velvet like fiber that is oriented on the base of paper. It is unique because of its three dimensional pattern. It is one of the most expensive wallpapers. A sense of luxury is reflected by its velvety texture.