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Choosing Lime Paint for Your Property

Lime paint, also known as limewash, is a traditional finish for brick and masonry walls. Lime paint is created by mixing lime with water and allowing the mixture to set for two weeks. The application of lime paint requires careful preparation of the surface before painting, but once applied, it can last for years without chipping or losing its color.

Lime paints are made from natural materials, including chalk or limestone and clay or pulverised clay tiles. The most common type is called lime putty, which is made from slaked (hydrated) lime mixed with water. Lime putty has been used for centuries as a building material because it provides excellent insulation against heat loss and sound transmission. It also absorbs moisture from its surroundings and becomes more alkaline over time; this helps to protect woodwork from decay by preventing fungi growth on damp timber surfaces such as joists and rafters within the roof space.

Lime paint can add warmth and character to any property, whether you are looking to restore an old building or create a new look for your home. Unlike other types of paint that can easily chip or fade away over time, lime paint creates a hard-wearing finish that protects against moisture damage while adding an appealing aesthetic quality to your home’s exterior and interior surfaces.

Before applying any type of paint or coating to your wall surface, it is important to prepare the surface correctly so that your treatment will adhere properly. This means removing any loose debris from around the entire perimeter of your wall and cleaning off any dirt or grime using a wire brush attachment on an electric drill or power washer. You should also wash down the entire area with warm water and soap to remove any traces of dust or dirt that could interfere with adhesion.

Lime paints come in many different colors but tend to be on the lighter side of the spectrum. If you want something darker, try adding colors like black or brown for extra contrast. Lime paint comes in a variety of finishes, too, including flat, glossy and semi-gloss finishes depending on how much sheen you’d like on your walls or ceilings.

If you want to give your home a new look with lime paint but aren’t sure where to start, consider hiring an interior designer who specializes in using this type of product around town!

If you are planning to use lime paint, consider Calceterra lime paint – a natural and ecological wall covering based on lime and natural sand.