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Top Ways to Make Your Home More Cosy

As the saying goes, ‘the home is where the heart is’, so it’s natural for all homeowners to have the ambition to create a safe space that gives them that sense of comfort away from the outside world – a place in which you can truly relax and feel completely at peace. This is true during the dark winter months when the weather is cold and miserable when your cosy home acts as a personal haven, which is typically identified as ‘hygge’.

If you’re keen to turn your home into a cosy and welcoming sanctuary, check out the tips below:

1. Consider soft lighting

Lighting can make a remarkable difference to the look and feel of a room. When the darker nights start to take hold, adding warm-toned soft lighting gives a calm and peaceful ambience as opposed to harsh overhead lighting. Using floor and table lamps give off just enough light without keeping the brain too alert before bedtime. Decorating the room with string lights is another way to accessorise, as well as create a restful ambience.

2. Add window shutters

When you want nothing more than to shut yourself away from the world, adding shutters from inshutters.co.uk to your windows not only creates a modern feel, but the louvres can be altered to give you as much privacy as you desire; while still allowing natural light to flood through the room. The good news is that shutters can be customised to your exact specifications to achieve the perfect fit.

3. Create warmth underfoot

While wooden flooring has become a popular addition to contemporary homes thanks to its easy-to-clean properties and versatile appearance; carpet adds a warmer and cosier feel to the space. If you are not ready to change your flooring at the current time, you can simply add large, fluffy rugs to living spaces where you tend to relax, such as the lounge or bedrooms.

4. Think about colour schemes

Did you know that certain colours can have a profound effect on our emotions? With this in mind, you should think carefully about the tones used during the decoration of your home. Colour psychology has shown that tones such as pastels and neutrals give a calming effect, while browns and greys can make you feel closer to nature due to their earthy shades.

5. Decorate with plants

Decorating your home with plants can help bring the outdoors in and allows you to feel closer to nature. Research has discovered that plants in the home not only make you feel much calmer and in a positive state of mind but also have many health benefits such as cleaning the air for improved breathing and even contributing to healing. If you don’t consider yourself green-fingered, you could think always choose low-maintenance indoor plants that don’t require much watering or attention.

Making your home cosy does take some careful thought. We hope that this guide has given you some helpful hints on how to achieve your haven home.