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How A Sash Window Can Transform Your Home

Sash windows were traditionally fitted to many English homes up until the 1980s. Today, they are making a big comeback thanks to their good looks and some improved insulation. Unlike a window that opens on hinges, a sash window slides upwards in order to open and can be locked using a screw fastener. Here are four compelling reasons why you should outfit your home with sash windows.

Surprising Insulation

Sash windows have a bad reputation for being poor insulators. This is a rather misguided assumption. Although older sash windows were single-paned and therefore let a great deal of heat escape from the room, modern examples can be double-paned and produced using low transfer glass. You do not need to give up the looks of your house in order to insulate it properly. Modern sash windows can also be fitted that effectively insulate sound. Companies like Wandsworth Sash Windows in London can install acoustic glass that prevents the ingress and egress of sound waves – making these windows perfect for people that want to shut out the sounds of the city.

Bring Back Some Character

Just over 20 percent of the UK’s housing stock was built after the 1980s when PVC-lined double glazing became very popular. The vast majority of homes in the UK were built before the 1950s and have been retrofitted with PVC-lined windows that completely damage the character of the buildings. Because sash windows are now offered with good insulating properties, it is possible to refit sash designs in order to bring some of the original character back to a house. PVC-lined windows were installed on homes for a good reason – they insulate well. Now, however, you have a little bit more freedom when it comes to outfitting your home in the way it was intended. Sash windows use wooden frames, which makes them far more aesthetically compatible with older homes’ aesthetics.

Make Your Windows a Focal Point

Sash windows do not need to be plain – they can be the focal point of a room. They can be outfitted with beautiful brass fasteners which work well with wooden blinds. Because the frames of sash windows are made from hard wood, they take paint extremely well. You can make sash windows the focal point of your home’s exterior by painting your frames brightly. The PVC that is used to form the frames of modern double glazing is very bad at taking paint, which means that the vast majority of people retain the easily scuffed white colour provided by manufacturers.


PVC is an unsustainable product. Waste from the production of PVC window frames cannot biodegrade and is rarely recycled. In short: PVC window frames are not sustainable, which is something that more people are becoming conscious of. Wooden sash windows, on the other hand, can be sustainable. If you choose a company that offers windows made from sustainable timber, you will make less of an impact on the natural world if you choose sash windows for your home.