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How to set up the dining table, chairs and the floor of the dining room

The general principle for picking colors, well, there is a general principle that not everything is the same color, even if you want everything to be white, use a light gray, or pink, or other light colors. Where is the focus of the room? There is a focus in every room, how do we find that focus?

In the dining room, we intend to gather family or guests at a table to eat, So the center of this room is the dining table, It is natural that the color of the focus should prevail over other colors of the room, that is, contrast, What color is suitable for a wooden dining table is the best color for your taste and choice, Only you have to choose a wooden dining table with the same color as the chairs or the floor, do not worry or contradict both, But do not choose the same color for the floor, chairs, and wooden table. 

There is also a very simple solution, Use a rug under the dining table to create the necessary color contrast. Having wooden stands and plant pots in your dining room can create a soothing environment that can make people stay longer together while eating dinner or having a chat, some of the stands are available on the Greenhouse Decor website.

Never change your dining table just because it does not fit into the chairs. The dining table chair does not necessarily have to fit exactly with the table. It is enough that the chairs are compatible in terms of design style and size. 

In every dining room having a shelving unit or display shelf can add more rich value to the room. This is not hidden to anyone that having minimal but yet luxury design furniture pieces in a room can add livelihood and energy.

The size of the dining table and chairs

For extra comfort, the size of the dining table and chairs should match. The height of the dining tables to the ground is usually 70 to 78 cm and the height of 76 cm is usually a normal height at the dining tables. The distance between the chair and the table should usually be 20 to 35 cm.

Seat height size

To determine the comfort of the chair height, you should try the table with different chairs. The easiest way is to pay attention to how comfortable you are on the table and chair when eating. Using a meter, you can easily determine the size you are comfortable with. You should measure this scale from the table to the seat level of the chair.

The width and depth of the seats

Note that not only the height of the dining table and the chairs must be in harmony, but also the chairs must be completely under the table. The chairs should fit comfortably under the dining table. In addition, the number and width of the seats should be such that they do not collide with each other when moving.

Height of handlebars and backs of chairs

If your chairs are handlebar type, make sure that the height of the handles is such that they do not hit the table surface when moving. In addition, you should note that the height of the back seat of the chair should be greater than the height of the table.

Dining table chair design 

In addition to the size of the chairs, their design style should also match the design style of the dining table. Choosing tables and chairs with common design elements will ensure that they are in harmony with each other. These elements may include the color or design style of the bases. For example, if you have a table made of mahogany, you can not match it with chairs made of pine wood or wooden folding chairs.

If you place a table made of corrugated wood next to chairs made of maple wood, it seems that you do not have enough taste to design interior decoration, but if you place the same table next to chairs carved with decorative design You have created an avant-garde design style. Some custom furniture manufacturers can make custom dining tables and chairs for you based on the style and height you are after such as Crimson Oak Design which is a handmade furniture store with excellent designs. 

The exception to the rules of chair design style

Like other layout design styles, the chair design style has its exceptions. For example, despite the rules for designing chairs and coordinating them with the dining table, if a table and chairs are very beautiful together, they can be used together.