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Some tips to enhance the value of your period property

When planning to renovate your period property in Reading Berkshire, it is essential to think about maintaining and enhancing the originality of its character. Period properties need special attention when the renovation is concerned as it is not about the individual building but its surroundings also play an important role in maintaining the charm. You can find suitable gates, driveways, sash windows Reading Berkshire to sustain the class of your period property. Here are some tips to enhance its value:

Sash windows 

If your property has sash windows then don’t try to replace them with modern-style windows. This can reduce the value of your period property. Besides this, you can opt for proper repairing of the windows. In case repairing is not possible, you can also go for replacing them with new styled sash windows. Make sure that your house has proper insulation and for this, you can choose double glazed timber windows. Also, painting them with different colors can boost the aesthetic value.

Vintage flooring

Any property can get the vintage feel and atmosphere just by the installation of vintage wooden flooring. If your period property has vintage flooring then it is better to maintain its sustainability. In case, it is laced with modern flooring then a little digging work in refurbishment project can bring back the authentic original flooring. You can even replace the modern flooring with rustic wooden blanks or blocks, etc.

Traditional main door

Just the way traditional windows have an impact on the value of a property, similarly traditional main doors can also play an important role in increasing the curb appeal of your house. 

All you have to do is ensure that the door has a fresh coating of paint, maintain high quality, have secure locks, etc. These slight changes can make a huge difference in property’s salability and appearance. Also, these changes require no big money investment.