Different Heavy Duty Shelving Systems for Distinct Storage Needs

Heavy-duty racking and shelving systems are ideal for keeping warehouse tools and inventory in order. A versatile and strong storage system allows keeping every item well-organized. It even helps better visibility and access. It is a great way to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your warehouse operations. 

The storage center is a reliable and established manufacturer of heavy duty shelving systems, mobile vertical farming systems, integrated systems, palletized load systems, racking systems, and compactus shelving system, since 1993 in Singapore. 

Different heavy-duty shelves for distinct storage needs

Steel frame shelving – 

The unit has spacious and adjustable shelves designed to provide full protection and handle heavy loads. Installation and adjustment are easy to organize your office or industrial space.

Wire shelving – 

Wire shelving is an ideal storage solution for storing things in the basement, garage, and laundry room. It helps to save storage space.

Long-span shelving – 

The units are ideal for heavy to medium industrial applications. The framework is perfect to store long items like planks, steel, and wood. Long-span shelves are not appropriate for non-palletized goods as the shelves are long. It is a good option in grocery stores, factories, garages, supermarkets, etc.

Pallet racking – 

High-quality pallet racking is good for warehouse performance. You can store different kinds of items and even warehouse equipment that needs quick and easy access. If height and storage capacity top your priority list then a pallet racking system is the suitable alternative. 

Mobile aisle shelving – 

Mobile aisle shelving system makes use of easy roll rails attached to the floor. It can be connected with racks, modular drawers, cabinets, etc. It is a popular shelving solution but is not designed for holding extreme weight. 

Consider the size, shape, and weight capacity of the shelving solution. Ensure that the chosen unit suits your warehouse needs!