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Types of reception desks

Welcome desks come in a variety of styles from modern and traditional, to the unusually designed and inspired industry.

  • Modern style is characterized by simple construction using modern materials such as metal, plastic, glass. They are usually decorated with chrome or metal details and have additional features such as LED lighting.
  • Traditional style consists of materials made of solid wood, sometimes highlighted by molds and other decorative details.

Wood veneer and laminate (both high-pressure and heat-resistant types) are the most common materials in the production of reception countertops.

  • Wood veneer stains in the color you want, ensures the elimination of hard and firm surfaces. This material and solid wood are associated with high quality and quality.
  • Laminate is less expensive; offers a lot of durability but a lack of impressive appearance.

The counter top of the reception station is a place that guests often see. Used as part of a business process, the top counter is offered with a variety of materials.

  • Resistant layers of Wood veneer or laminate give a good look and solid soil.
  • Marble or stone makes the top layer beautiful. It works well with wood construction designs, while providing high durability.
  • Glass-counter tops provide durability, providing a dignified touch and airy appearance.

The reception desk can have a variety of layouts, but the most common are L&U shapes, curved and straight.

  • L&U-designed management desks can be the center of interior design. Small reception desks can organize the office of the secretary and other staff who greet guests.
  • It is important that the reception desks get into the design of the universe and help you and your customers. Reception counters are not just office furniture. On the contrary, they help the visitor to draw attention quickly to the atmosphere and to the spatial arrangement.

In order to properly choose a reception desk you must remember several rules:

Design and appearance

 The management desk should look good and stand out from the room. The main thing is not to overdo it in size and material – a good reception center made of expensive wood in a small bank branch or small hotel will look ridiculous.


For large and spacious rooms choose a large reception station. The compact compact counter is ideal for a small office or drawing room, it does not occupy much space.


Choose a reception desk according to the tasks and scope of staff work – so that you have enough space and proper storage of documents.

As you can see, the reception desks are very important to any organization. They must be usable and provide a suitable working environment for the controller. Being the first place to communicate, they form the first impression of the company, and psychologists are convinced that the first impression is hard to change!