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How to Determine If Your Neighborhood is “Safe”

No matter how safe you think your neighborhood is, the reality likely isn’t as nice. While a nicer looking house makes it more attractive to burglars, even in safer neighborhoods they are still common occurrences. Since the reward is typically greater, criminals rend to look for homes that give them the greatest chance to gain. If you are looking for ways to protect your home and family from intruders, this article will help!

Best Ways to Upgrade Your Home’s Security

1) Install a Home Security System

One of the most common security measures is a home security system. The percentage of homes in the United States with security systems is small, only 17%. However, having a home surveillance system makes it less attractive for potential burglars. With 83% of homes not having any type of security system, there is no reason to go after those that do. The risk of getting caught is simply too high.

2) Invest In Window and Door Security Screens

To keep would-be criminals out of your business or home, install premium security screens on all of your windows and doors (if possible). This is a sure fired way to prevent forced entry into a business or house because 95% of break-ins require some type forceful penetration through windows, side doors or even front door entries. Don’t let a common thief ruin the peace of mind you have worked so hard to achieve. Marine-grade steel screens can provide your home with both invisible and visible protection, all while keeping your family safe from any unwanted entry into their new fortress!

If you live in Las Vegas, then it’s likely that your home, a neighbor’s home or a family or friend’s home has been broken into. Summerlin Security screen doors are an amazing product because they don’t just record a burglary in progress. They STOP intruders at the point of entry!

3) Install Security Cameras

You can add cameras to your property, which is an effective way of increasing security. It also provides evidence if the burglar gets caught on camera. For maximum effectiveness, install a closed-circuit system that sends alerts when it detects unexpected movement around the house during nighttime hours or when no one is home.

As you can see, there are multiple options you can choose from to prevent your home from being a target. A ‘riskier’ target is one that could be harder to break into. Installing a physical barrier, like security screens are an excellent way of doing this because it’s nearly impossible for the average person looking to break in your home if they can’t get through these barriers so easily. This in combination with a closed-circuit or monitored security system will deter any would-be criminal from attempting to break into your home.