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Carpet cleaning pointers when living with children

Keeping your carpets clean when there are kids or pets scurrying around the house is a challenging task. Well, this is an important question that many a parents would not have an answer to. Keeping the carpets hygienic and clean is essential as it helps to keep filth and rubbles away. The unruly dust and filth can give your home a look that is not only ugly but also unwelcoming. There are endless spillage of drinks and accompanying stains that are a reason to worry about, particularly when you have kids or there are regular house parties arranged at your home. Stained carpets are an uncomfortable sight, that turn off visitors instantly. To escape this situation, you have no other alternative but finding a way to keep your carpets in a hygienic condition, even if your kids are want to do the exact reverse of it! Anyone who has kids in the household knows this reality very well!

To make cleaning your carpets stress-free and more effectual, you have to implement certain rules that would not be required in households that do not have kids. These rules are intended to safeguard your carpets and keep them bereft of grime, rubbles, dirt, and stains, irrespective of having kids or pets running in the house. Below mentioned are some of the rules that you should put in place to keep your carpets clean and free of troublesome elements. Finding a professional carpet cleaning Sydney company is tough. Finalize on a good residential carpet cleaning Sydney is easier after checking online reviews and comparing prices and services in your area.

  1. Vacuum Often And Properly

There is no easy way to vacuum clean your carpets or just do away the dust with normal cleaning. When there are kids living with you. You have to vacuum clean the carpets in the correct order and method and also on a regular basis.

Vacuuming may come across as a laborious and monotonous task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. When done with the correct procedures, and the right equipment, vacuuming can be done easily and effectively without seeming like an actual and long-wrung house chore. When vacuuming, you should make sure that no space is left out and it is done from end to end of every wall. Also, you need to focus on the parts of the house that attract more foot traffic.

Also, you need to vacuum at least 3-4 times in a week, while also making sure the vacuum reaches the hard to reach areas under and behind the furniture, as well, because those portions have the most unseen and hidden dirt layers. Again, if you are not doing it in the right manner, regular vacuuming also would not be of any help. So, first you need to master the correct procedure and manner to do it. So that, you need not have to repeat doing it again and again after spotting any dirt or dust anywhere on the carpets or corners of walls.

  1. No Partying in the House

It is important to remember to avoid partying inside the house. If possible it is better to avoid hosting house parties if you want that your carpets remain in a good and clean condition. Keeping the parties outside the limits of the drawing room is better and easier so as to maintain clean carpets. Doing so, would also save you from incurring costs on Residential carpet cleaning Sydney after the party. The parties and celebrations can be limited to the courtyard or the outer regions of the house.

Keeping this rule and the parties outside the house can help a lot in maintenance and preservation of the lifespan of valuable carpets and rugs. Any guests who are invited to these parties in the kids’ age group can thus be prevented from running amok on the carpets and destroying them with their muddy shoes. After all, that is the last thing you want is your carpet getting dirtied due to a toddler running on the carpets with mud-covered shoes.

  1. Use Mats at All Entry Points

Keeping mats at all points of entrance in the house is a good practice too. Encourage placement of such mats at proper points. Any door used to enter your house should have a clean mat. This is a completely essential thing given that if kids and toddlers reside in the household. As their presence can add to the dirt and filth onto the carpets due to their activities. Implementing the basic measure of placing mats on all entrance and doors leading inside your home makes sure that your kids and other guests wipe their feet before coming inside. The doormats will scrap out majority of the dirt from shoes. These mats also should be cleaned habitually so that they don’t amass too much dirt.

  1. Get Professional Deep Steam Cleaning

Professional carpet cleaning Sydney comes with the benefit if a deeper and a better clean. The reality of vacuum cleaning is that, no matter how often it has been done it is not enough to keep carpets clean and free of dirt and dust. Experts suggest you can regularly vacuum your carpets but the deeply entrenched grime, dirt, germs, and allergens will stay put in your carpet. The solution here is to engage the services of a professional carpet cleaning Sydney company for deep steam cleaning your carpets 1-2 times in a year at best. Microbes, mud, and grime that stay on in the carpet can be removed effectively only with professional equipment. When you vacuum, you are only accessing and removing the visible dirt present on the carpet surfaces. It is of no much use, since the dust and dirt inside is still intact. And you do not really want your kids to fall ill all thanks to the presence of the invisible and hidden germs in the carpet.

  1. Handle Spills Immediately

Kids are liable to spill their food, water, juice, or even paints and stationery in their everyday routine! If you are living with kids, you will find all this familiar too. Living with kids, parents without doubt have to handle a lot of substance spillage. These spills can rapidly become permanent stains if not cleaned at the earliest. Neglecting the cleaning of spills and putting off the cleaning for later is not a good practice in the long run for the carpet health.  It would be better instead, if you always attempted to clean the spills instantly as and how they took place so you are saved from their removal later on. In event of you finding out that the spill has become permanent and now difficult to remove, it would be best to leave it to a professional who has expertise in this field. Taking the correct and timely measures to get rid of the spills from your carpets helps them remain in good condition.

  1. No Shoes in the House

Imposing a ban on having shoes anywhere inside the house is helpful in the long run. This may be a problematic rule for parents to carry out, but it can help considerably to keeping your carpets and the house interiors to remain clean for longer periods. Dirt, mud and dust automatically remain out of the house, when shoes are not allowed inside the house. The manual cleaning and vacuuming also gets easier for removal of the existing dirt.

  1. Decide on play areas in the house

Kids like to play and jump on the carpets. Toddlers also love to have their playtime on the welcoming and cosy carpets. When your kid is playing on the carpet, make sure to add a protective covering layer on the carpet to keep it from getting harmed directly. You can cover the carpet with a similar-sized mat to keep the paints or colours from reaching the carpet directly and harming its texture. Designate certain areas around the house that can be used as play-areas for your kids, while other carpeted areas remain out of bounds for them.

Carpets are an expensive investment. They cannot be replaced frequently and hence their upkeep is an aspect that needs to be paid greater and better attention on. Hiring carpet cleaning services help from time to time is a better and safer alternative as they know cleaning techniques and procedures.