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How to choose a home extension builder

The choice of the right builder for your dream home is one of the most important decisions you will make. Your family will love living in a well-built, top-quality renovation or extension for years to come. You will also see a significant increase in the market value of your home if and when you decide to sell it. In contrast, a poor builder could leave your house in ruins, costing thousands of dollars. You may find that there are hundreds of builders in your area. How to choose a home extension builder? When choosing a builder for a home extension or renovation, consider these factors.

Learn what they specialize in

Every builder is different. Different builders specialize in different things. Depending on the builder, they specialize in new homes, general construction work, or commercial construction. The ideal contractor you wish to hire is a domestic builder, specializing in double-storey additions, renovations, and extensions. Building a home extension to your home will not be the responsibility of a commercial builder, and building a new home might not be of interest. Renovations and extensions require some special skills as well. If you’re planning to renovate or extend your home, it is worth finding a versatile builder or company with experience in this specific field. You will find builders like these capable of integrating the addition seamlessly into your home, both literally and aesthetically.

Ask them if they have done anything similar to your extension

Extending a home can be as different as the home it is added to, and it differs from the process of building a new home, which often starts with templates. Regardless of whether you plan to expand indoors or outdoors when searching for a builder, be sure to find one who has experience working on a similar project. Heritage or period homes require special consideration. As these types of houses often have special requirements for seamless integration of an addition or renovation, if you are planning to renovate or extend a period house, seek out a builder who specializes in this style. A builder with experience in the same suburb or surrounding areas may even be worth looking for.

How well do they communicate?

Finding a builder with whom you feel comfortable and can connect is important. It is ideal for your builder to ask questions, understand your vision, and recommend products and designs that match your lifestyle. Choosing a good builder is all about transparency, and they respond to all questions from the very beginning. You should receive a comprehensive estimate and an estimated timeline in a timely manner. A good builder should also give you a description of their construction philosophy, the products they use, and good relationships with all the subcontractors the company will be working with. Avoid builders who are difficult to communicate with or do not respond to your questions quickly; this could signal communication problems throughout the build. Builders that respond promptly and treat you like they are their only customers are the ones you should hire.