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5 Brilliant Suggestions to Renovate Your Kitchen Living Area

The kitchen is one of the most used places after the living room. If you are taking a renovation project, you can search for inspiring ideas. Amazing kitchen renovation ideas can transform your kitchen completely. You can change storage space, cabinet designs, décor, and hardware, etc. Moreover, the ceiling and flooring of your kitchen also need to be updated. For the ceiling, you can choose suspended ceiling tiles.

We have the best suggestions for you to renovate your kitchen area. These suggestions will help you to remodel your kitchen even if your budget is small.

Use Uncommon Storage Space and Shelving

You don’t need boring storage spaces and open shelving anymore. Now, kitchen interior designs and renovation ideas can give a new life to your kitchen. Moreover, the functionality of your kitchen is also elevated due to these ideas.

If you have a large kitchen, you can implement a hanging storage facility too with befitting cabinetry. Because hanging storage gives easier access. You can also use hanging storage in a small kitchen with limited storage space.

Moreover, hanging open shelves give you storage space without compromising the modern kitchen design. We also recommended you have a pantry area to accommodate bulk purchases.

Use Bold Cabinet Designs

Cabinets are very important for the statement look of your kitchen. Whether you have lower cabinets or upper cabinets, they are definitely going to add an aesthetic look to your kitchen. If you have an open kitchen, installing bold cabinets also looks appealing to the whole space including the living area.

You can install white cabinets or wooden cabinets to make your small kitchen look larger. But you can also install customized cabinets depicting your personality. You can do so by choosing bold cabinetry designs for a contemporary kitchen. Or you can go for sleek design ideas with glass doors. You can also use decorated glass or texture panels if you have a penchant for art.


Add a Metallic Hardware Touch

To add flair to the design of your kitchen, go for metallic structures. You can incorporate this suggestion whether your kitchen is modern or contemporary. Moreover, metallic hardware fits well with a rustic theme. You may like the farmhouse sink as it looks appealing but, a stainless steel metallic sink merges well with your appliances. To further increase the aesthetic value of your kitchen, you can add a steel faucet.

Stainless steel sink suffers less because they aren’t prone to rust. If you are a homeowner and renovating your kitchen to increase its resale value, metallic hardware is a good option.


Use Quality Material for Countertops

Many people overlook the quality of material used in tiles, cabinets, and countertops. Because they prefer saving money. But spending on dull objects is not worth it, soon you will be spending money on renovation again.

Kitchen countertops experience rigorous activities while cooking meals. So, to avoid cracking and breaking due to pressure, it is advised to use good quality material for Countertops. Marble and granite countertops are good options if you are looking for cheaper options. But quartz countertops are a better solution for your needs. Because quartz countertops are durable, tough, and almost unbreakable.


Implement Statement Décor

The kitchen is an important part of every household and deserves statement décor. Although decorative pieces and artwork seem irrelevant to kitchen décor, you can liven it up with lightings and fixtures. Moreover, with some tall bar tools, you can create a statement look in your kitchen. These tall bars will convert the kitchen space into a minibar.

Pendant lights can also be used in the kitchen for mood lighting or neon lighting for parties. But these small decorative pieces in your kitchen are negligent unless you use them. So, add décor which you are going to use.

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