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What is the cost of installing a resin bound driveway

Resin driveway supplies are available but many DIYers seem to be oblivious of the cost of getting their resin driveways done. No doubt, we love the properties that come with it, however, it is just as essential to have an idea of the cost of getting one done on your driveway.

What is the cost of getting a resin driveway?

Just like with all property development projects, the total cost of installing your resin bound driveways depends on various factors like the size/shape of the area, the ground condition, the type of resin and aggregates used.

The resin for your installation

Your resin bound driveway is greatly influenced by the type of resin you use. UV resistant resins come readily recommended for outdoor applications. You could also use the Non-UV resistant resins since they are cheaper, but you might get a different result. The Non-UV resins usually become defective after some time but it is a cheaper option.

The resin bound aggregates

Your aggregates are also one factor that readily affects the cost of your resin. There are a lot of aggregates that can be used for your resin installation. The aggregates are known for their sizes and colors. Their shapes also play a great role in giving your driveway the best aesthetics.

The size of the resin installation

The cost of installing your resin driveway is also affected by the size of your driveway. This driveway size will affect the level of preparation that you have to make. With an average size of between 70 and 150 square meters covered by a team of three people, you could get the unit cost of a square meter from your contractor. Unless you are performing the installation yourself.

The shape was chosen for the resin installation

The shape which you choose for the resin driveway will also affect the cost. Circular or rectangular shapes will cost less since they can be installed easily with less time. More complex shapes will be costly to install and will consume a lot of time.

The chosen design of the resin installation

Resins offer precision and versatility that lead to multiple colors and designs that are beautifully intricate. Complex colors can consume more time to complete. This will increase the cost. However, you will love the results. You can form any design with a resin driveway: geometric shapes, lettering, symbols, Logos, or multiple colors.

The condition of the base of your driveways

You must get your base in a good condition before the resin can be applied onto a surface. Any uneven or damaged surface will need to be repaired and cleaned before the resin gets laid. This initial stage will easily increase its installation cost. Many resin installers will cost all remedial works needed to improve your base.

Your edging requirements

One other essential component that you will need to take into cognizance before partaking in the installation of your resin driveway is the edging requirements. This edging will certainly add a sublime touch of beauty to the finished resin surface. There are many edging options that you can get here including beading and setts, and they all come with varying costs. Before you continue with the installation of your edging requirement, you should ensure that you discuss all costs with the installer.