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Do You Know How You Can Fix Leaky Faucets?

A leaky faucet can always be a nuisance, whether it is the reason of water pooling under the sink or the irritating dripping sound that may keep you up during the night that could easily turn into a big problem if it is not addressed properly.

Pillar Plumbing offers plumbing services to various commercial and residential properties in Kingwood and also the surrounding areas, from where you can call any humble plumbers to fix your leaky faucets.

The following are a few tips that you can use for fixing your leaky faucets in a DIY way.

1) Shut off the water

The best thing to do is shut off the main valve so that no water will flow to the pipe.

2) Close the drain

Ensure that any screws, nuts, or small parts that you may open may not fall on the drain.

3) Remove the handle

It will be better to remove the handle if you have tools available with you to remove them.

4) Remove the cartridge

This part generally regulates the hot and cold water flow, must be removed to stop water leakage.

5) Take the system apart

Based on the type of sink, you will have to remove your faucet body for reaching the problem.

6) Check all the parts

Mostly, rubber washers, seals, and O-rings are the culprits for water leakage hence check them.

7) Clean as you go

Once you have opened everything then take this opportunity to clean them properly.

8) Reassemble the faucet

After you are through with your repairing activity then you may reassemble your faucet and fit it back.

9) Test the water flow

After you are done with it, you may check again that water is flowing normally and the leakage has stopped.

If the problem is still not resolved then you can call the plumber in your area.