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Low Slope Roof: What Materials Are There?


A low-pitch roof requires a roofing material that is both attractive and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Before you decide on a roofing material, it is important to understand what type of roof you require. A low-pitch roof is one of the options you will encounter. A low-pitch roof is also known as a flat roof.

This roof isn’t completely flat. However, the low slope roof has some pitch or slightly raised to give it the illusion. Water can clog the roof’s drains, and cause damage. Algae and other plants can grow on your roof deck.

What’s a Flat Roof System with a Low Slope?

Low-slope roof systems have roof materials specifically designed for them. Roofs are made from materials that can withstand rain and UV rays. Qualified roofers can install the system and guide you to the best materials. By the end of the day, you want a contractor that’s able to use different roofing materials to make your project successful. Here are some of the roofing materials for a low-slope roof

Built-up roofing is the best choice for low-slope roofs. It offers waterproof functionality. This type of roof is made up of multiple layers and asphalt. It is known for its strength, durability, and exceptional performance. You can reach out to KCG roofing for the best pricing when it comes to build-up system installations. We are proud to say that our roofers can install roofing systems and provide professional advice.

2. Rubber Membrane

This roofing solution, just like its name implies, uses rubber components. Expert roofers use special roofing glue or strong metal anchors to install the rubber. This product is best handled by professionals to ensure it doesn’t leak or works at its best.

3. Modified bitumen

The system is well-known for its reliability and high performance. Our dedicated team of specialists will not only install it but will also provide you with information about the material that you need to maintain its quality. It is durable and waterproof, making it ideal for flat roofs. You can also insulate the roof if you want to strengthen it.

4. One Ply

Low-pitch roofs can be made with single-ply. It comes in a white color and is factory-installed. This material is protected from the UV rays and reflects the sun’s rays. It is made of thermoplastic which is becoming more popular with low-slope roofs across America. We pride ourselves on our reliability and experience in the installation and repairs of such roofing systems.

Roll roofing material can be mixed with asphalt or granules, and installed on your roof deck. It is not the best choice for low-pitch roofs as it doesn’t offer high performance. Don’t use it unless you have to for a roof.

Low-Slope Roof: How Roof Pitch Influences Your Choice of Roof Material

You should consider what type of roof you want before you choose the right roofing material. How flat or steep a roof will be depends on how high it is. The low-pitch or flat roofs are slightly raised and almost flat, which disqualifies them for some roofing materials. Low-pitch shingles like slate shingles aren’t recommended because they can leak. Low-pitch roofs are not recommended for wood shingles as they can quickly soak and deteriorate. They can be used for steep-slope roofs, however, as they are able to drain water. Low-pitch roofs require durable, waterproof materials.

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