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Do you want to add some extra space to your house? Or do you just want to build an open sitting area in your existing home? A single-storey extension is the only solution to add extra space. The extension is suitable if your family is growing and you want extra space for them or just want to reuse the land. 

It is a great way to gain more space and to connect with the garden by extending your home with a single storey extension plan. People prefer to improve the existing space and not move to a different place as the cost of moving is too high. If you are looking for a family-friendly open plan living space then the single-storey extension is a great option. Open-plan spaces are perfect for entertaining, spending time with family and you can use one corner as a work space. The open space created will give the other part of the house some space for an office. 

Continue to read some of the single-storey extension plans that will blow your mind. These plans when implemented will give you an enjoyable and comfortable space for you and your family. 

  1. Create and open plan Living Space 

If you feel short of floor space and feel that the living space is not sufficient for your family then you can extend it by creating a single-storey extension. This extension will give you spacious and covered inside/outside entertaining space. 

  1. Contemporary Extension to a Listed Cottage 

In this extension, the area is opened up with the living space in a listed cottage. If your family is growing and you want to extend the single-storey house the replace a single tiny section of your house. By adding more land you can create bedrooms or kitchen-like areas. 

  1. Light-filled Kitchen Extension 

You can add more space to your room by extending the kitchen area. Just replace your small dark kitchen with a light-filled open place space. This will brighten up the space and you can also add to the open concept kitchen. 

  1. Light-Filled Extension to a Victorian Home 

 If you have a royal Victorian-style house, you can add a single-storey extension to it. Make use of colossal glass sliding doors to the traditional doors or windows and get a modern and elegant look. 

  1. A Timber-clad CLT Extension 

To your traditional home, you can add this CLT extension and this is a perfect example of those who wish to mix contemporary style with traditional. In this single storey extension plan, you can make use of large glass windows and doors with high rood lights and put everything all together. 

  1. A Glass Box Extension 

You can extend the single-storey extension with transparent glass. You can have an open plan kitchen with a dining area. For this, you can go with a structural glass box concept. This will give your kitchen a lot of natural light. 


Conclusion: The single-storey extension plans are pocket friendly and take only 4 months to 12 months. The extension is the best idea to increase the space in the existing house and you can choose between various styles, materials and designs.