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5 Kitchen Gadgets For Vegans

Every kitchen needs kitchen gadgets. At least, it does if you’re a gadget-lover like me. Vegans especially need kitchen gadgets, as they need equipment to prepare and cook all those gorgeous, vibrant fruits and vegetables.

If you’ve got beautiful quartz, granite or marble kitchen worktops, you might not want to hide them under a fleet of appliances. But whether you want to hide your gadgets away or give them pride of place on your worktops, here are 5 kitchen gadgets for vegans.

High speed blender

A high speed blender is probably number one on any vegan’s kitchen wishlist. If you think your basic or handheld blender does a good enough job, think again. A high speed blender will absolutely revolutionise your cooking.

Cashews get blended with ease in a high speed blender to make the silkiest vegan cheesecake you’ve ever eaten, and soup gets transformed into a restaurant quality dish.

A high speed blender allows you to be more eco-friendly by giving you the means to make your own nut milk and vegan cheese and the health-conscious types out there can whizz themselves up a nutritious smoothie each morning for breakfast.

High speed blenders aren’t cheap but if you invest in one, you’ll never want to be without it.

Tofu press

If you’ve ever pressed tofu by balancing a load of books on top of it, you’ll know what a pain this is. A tofu press will quickly and easily press your tofu to perfection.

Tofu needs to be pressed to get the water out. This improves its texture to make it suitable for marinating, frying or baking.

A tofu press means there’ll be no more balancing books on top of a block of tofu, hoping the books don’t all come tumbling down!

Tofu presses are small and compact and fit in your fridge, making them great for pressing your tofu overnight, ready for the next day.

Avocado tool

Personally, I don’t need an avocado tool, as I hate avocados. I realise I’m in the minority here though, as people – especially vegans – love the nasty, slimy green things. Bleurgh.

Still, as avocados are so popular, it’d be churlish of me not to mention a gadget for them here.

An avocado tool will split, pit and slice your avocado ready for it to be put in the bin. I mean, make into guacamole or avocado mash, etc.


A spiralizer probably isn’t essential but it’s certainly a nice thing to have in the kitchen.

A spiralizer will make pretty noodles out of vegetables such as courgette for a low-calorie alternative to spaghetti. This has the added bonus of being able to call it ‘courgetti’, although that obviously only works if you use a courgette.

Apart from the most basic handheld ones, spiralizers come with different size attachments, so you can make anything from thin noodles to thicker curly fries from potato (I’m not sure they get called potati though).


If you spend a lot of time moaning you haven’t got anywhere to store your food because your kitchen cupboards are full of appliances, you need a multi-cooker.

A multi-cooker can be used as an oven, air-fryer, slow-cooker, dehydrator, pressure cooker and much, much more.

I’d never been able to successfully make a risotto, vegan or otherwise, until I got a pressure cooker. Now I can make delicious, creamy vegan risotto and in only ten minutes, too!

Some people I know no longer use their oven or hob – they cook everything using their multi-cooker. I haven’t gone that far but it’s certainly earned its place in my kitchen.

These are my four favourite kitchen gadgets for vegans plus the avocado one for the avocado lovers out there. Which kitchen gadgets can you not live without?