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7 Tips for Staging a House on a Budget

House staging is an important step in the home selling process, as it lets potential buyers envision how the home can look and how each of the spaces can be used. This helps those buyers get into the mindset of living there. However, your house staging cost can be quite expensive if you go all out. Instead, here are some budget-friendly ways for staging your home and enticing your buyers.

1. Focus on Decluttering

The cheapest and easiest thing you can do for your home is to declutter it. Pack up all of your personal items, leaving out only what truly enhances the look of the home. This will really open up the house, making it feel more spacious and easier for others to imagine their own personal stuff occupying the space.

2. Utilize What You Own

Before going out and buying new stuff, pay attention and make use of the stuff that you already own. If you have a really nice dining set that works perfectly in the dining room, then leave that there while you’re trying to sell! Maybe your couch is old and doesn’t look that great anymore, but your entertainment stand makes a fantastic focal point for your living room. Even decorations you have around your home — think about if they can be placed somewhere to show off the design of your home.

3. Stage Only the Necessary Spaces

If you need all your furniture elsewhere, or what you have isn’t ideal for staging, then you’re likely going to need to purchase stuff to fill your house. However, you don’t need to fill up the entire house, as that can get needlessly expensive. Instead, only get furniture for the spaces where a display is valuable. For example, you don’t need furniture to stage a bedroom, as they’re quite straightforward. But, you can get furniture for your living room or your sunroom to highlight how the space can be used.

4. Brighten Up the House

One of the easiest ways to make your home look more inviting is to make sure that it’s brightly lit. If there are any spaces in your home that don’t get much natural light, make sure to have lamps or some other lighting to make those spaces brighter.

5. Grab Second-Hand Decorations

If you’re low on decorations and find the space needs more so that it isn’t looking bare and empty, look for second-hand decorations. Buying new decorations is expensive and can be a waste if you’re not planning on using them beyond staging. Instead, there are plenty of great decorations that you can grab from places like thrift stores and yard sales.

6. Remove Clashing Decorations

If you have a décor at home that you really like, you’ll probably feel tempted to put it up. However, there’s a good chance that lots of your current decorations aren’t a good fit for the rest of the staging, or are too personal to you to resonate with potential buyers. In these cases, having the décor on display can act against you rather than for you. Generic decor meant to complement the space will be a better choice.

7. Consult Your Real Estate Agent

Home staging is such a crucial aspect of the selling process, your real estate agent will be able to help you with it. Ask them for advice on what they think your home needs or is missing, and they’ll be able to help you out.

Follow these 7 tips and you’ll quickly be on your way to a gorgeously staged home without having spent more than is necessary.