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A Guide to Buying a Wonderful Rug for your Home

51 Rugs that are Brimming with Coziness and Textural Appeal

Making the decision to add a rug to a room is one that requires careful thought and a strong foresight to visualise the new element of the room. However, a thoughtfully chosen rug can transform the feel of any room and add character, warmth and an extra dimension to your living space. Rug choice will be impacted by available floor space, room layout and the desired feel you want the rug to achieve. Not sure where to start? This guide will give you the rundown on what you need to know before you buy!

Rugs serve different purposes in different rooms; some rugs are the centrepiece, the focal point of the room whereas some rugs serve to highlight and compliment a piece of furniture. The purpose of some rugs will be to provide grip or comfort underfoot in specific places within a room. Understanding the desired purpose of the rug will help you to focus your search. You also have to bear in mind where the rug will sit; beneath the table, beside the fireplace, front and centre of the living room? Wherever it may be, it is important to visualize the rug in its new home and this will no doubt impact your decision too.

Material is one of the most important decisions on the agenda when buying a new rug, there is countless to choose from but here are some popular materials and why you should consider them:

  • Wool: A versatile material traditionally used in rugs that can create many different textures and softness’s. Wool is famed for its longevity, being hard wearing enough for high-traffic areas like hallways.
  • Cotton: A very soft material that is perfect for tightly woven designs. Cotton provides great value for money and is easy to work with, making it easier to produce complex, intricate and beautiful designs.
  • Jute: A thick woven material that creates rugs with a more rustic feel. Jute rugs are rugged and can be blended well with cotton to create contrasting colour designs.

There are numerous other materials that can be used, and each material has their respective advantages.

A rug’s construction is what really determines its beauty. There are lots of different types of rugs, however there are 3 main constructions

  1. Tufted Rugs: Made using a canvas frame, the wool is punched over the frame and then backed to hold the rug together. They offer a smooth texture and soft feel that stands the test of time. Tufting is also great for creating uniquely shaped rugs.
  2. Woven Rugs: Made through a traditional loom weaving process or sometimes by hand. They tend to use a cotton mixture, making them more affordable. Woven rugs are suitable for using multiple colours with unique textures.
  3. Knotted Rugs: For high-traffic areas, knotted rugs offer supreme strength and durability. The strength of a knotted rug will depend on the thread count per square inch and more intricate designs will have more knots. Knotted rugs tend to be more expensive but can pay themselves back with a longer life.

Choosing a nice rug is easy, but choosing a rug that fits the room and evokes the feelings you want can be more difficult. Luckily, we have a huge range of stunning rugs at Home Looks along with looks and inspirations to help you make the perfect purchase.