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What is power management?

Power management is a term that has a variety of definitions, but we’re generally worried about the one that relates to conserving energy in services, government/public-sector companies, and houses.

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The energy-saving meaning


When it is about power saving, management of energy is the process of regulating, tracking, and saving power in an organization or structure. Typically, this entails the following steps:

  • Metering your power intake as well as collecting the data.
  • Finding possibilities to save energy, as well as estimating how much power each possibility might conserve. You would typically evaluate your meter information to discover as well as quantify routine power waste, as well as you might likewise investigate the power financial savings that you can make by changing equipment, e.g., lights, or by upgrading your structure’s insulation.
  • Acting to target the chances to save energy, i.e., tackling the routine waste as well as replacing or updating the ineffective devices). Commonly you would start with the best opportunities initially.
  • Tracking your progress by assessing your meter information to see how well your energy-saving initiatives have functioned. And afterward back to tip two, as well as the cycle proceeds.

To perplex issues, lots of people utilize “energy management” to refer specifically to those energy-saving initiatives that focus on making far better use of existing buildings as well as equipment. Strictly talking, this limitations things to the behavioral aspects of power-saving, i.e., encouraging individuals to use less power by raising power understanding, although using low-cost control tools such as timer switches is usually consisted of in the definition as well.

The above four-step procedure uses regardless, it’s completely approximately you whether you think about energy-saving measures that involve getting new tools or upgrading structure material.