3 Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Dream Home Now!

With the pandemic still hanging around for over a year now, some aspiring homeowners like you may speculate if this is a good time to have your house built. The good news is, new home builders are very much in demand right now in Sydney. Sydney Morning Herald forecasts that over 150,000 dwellings will be built in Sydney in the next four years. Suburbs that may receive the most development from this are Parramatta, Rouse Hill and Marsden Park. In addition, there are over 3,000 construction trades workers despite the COVID-19 pandemic according to the Housing Industry Association or HIA. 

New home construction hasn’t really stopped. In 2020, HIA reported that over 180,000 new homes were built across Australia generating AU$100 billion last year. Even home loans have increased since 2018. What does this mean for a future homeowner like you? This means that the pandemic won’t stop you from fulfilling your dream home. Despite the economic difficulties, it is actually an opportunity to have your house built during the pandemic. Here are some reasons why:

COVID Safety Plans

New home builders may continue their work given that they implement and follow the COVID-19 Safety Plan of the NSW Government. While the Delta variant has caused a lockdown in Sydney, those in construction may continue working with exception to eight suburbs mentioned. A “contactless tradies system” will be implemented where there will be no contact between workers and residents. Up to two workers may do indoor services and five workers for outdoor services. 

Help rebuild Australia’s economy

The pandemic has hit Australia’s economy hard and recovery will only be made possible in the best way if construction projects of home builders in Sydney continue. Last year, over AU$ 100 billion was generated from this industry and it continues to do so by “adding AU$500 million to the New South Wales economy every week” according to Nine News. There is really no reason not to proceed with new home projects because there are guard rails set by government to ensure safety and security from COVID.

Quiet determination

Faced with a global crisis, Australians are known to persevere and thrive despite the odds. After all, the Australia we know today was very much different back then. It was through people coming together and establishing communities that turned this beautiful desert continent into one of the most prosperous countries today. Aspiring homeowners like you and new home builders are synergized to help the Australian economy surpass the challenges. And having your home built today will be your symbol of success.

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