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Different Types of Wood You Need To Know

Different types of wood https://www.onlyoakfurniture.co.uk/wood-types-need-know/ are used to make wood furniture. However, excellent furniture has several common characteristics, the most important of which are durability and beauty. And the qualities of these pieces of furniture are enhanced by the use of high-quality wood. As a result, the primary guideline for evaluating high-quality wooden furniture is to consider the type of wood. How can I able to do that? Here are some pointers to consider while searching for high-quality hardwood furniture.

Solid wood and soft wood are used to make wooden furniture. Wood hardness makes wood furniture long-lasting. However, taking these words literally might be misleading because not all deciduous trees are hard and not all conifers are soft. Deciduous trees are derived from flowering trees like maple, cherry, oak, ash, walnut, and mahogany, whereas conifers are derived from conifers like pine, spruce, mahogany, and cedar. Hardwood is more durable and sturdy than softwood, however there are certain exceptions (eg gum). So, while hardwood furniture is more lasting, softwood furniture isn’t awful either, especially if you want decoratively carved furniture.

The tree rings distinguish all varieties of tree barley. Varied trees have different structures, yet there are many calm trees. Straight grain, striped, curled, wavy or curled, rippling, white, or spotty grains are all possible. The wood’s hue ranges from delicate white and light to red, purple, and black-brown. You must first determine the structure and colour of the wood to assess its quality.

Deciduous trees favour barley over conifers. Patterned trees are often seen to be more desirable than silent or inconspicuous trees. If you find that your wood furniture has a faint grain, it may have been coloured to give it a unique look.


Poor quality wooden furniture may be obtained in two ways. You can first purchase plywood and insert furniture, and then bring in two or more pieces of wood furniture. Veneers are constructed from a thin veneer of high-quality wood bonded to a basis of low-cost wood or plywood. When using multiple types of wood, utilise premium wood for high-visibility sections such as tabletops or chair bodies and less visible wood for places such as table legs and chairs.

Examine the borders of the wood surface to ensure that your wood furniture is veneered. A thin coating of adhesive is applied to the wood.

Contrast an untreated surface (such as the underside of a workbench or a chair) with a finished wood surface. If there is a discrepancy, it might be due to veneer.

Look for stains in the furniture pile to check whether it’s constructed of a distinct wood mix. Affordably priced wood colouring and finishing are critical when combining with high-quality wood!