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Calling pest control in Boise, ID: Tips to choose one!

As a homeowner, you are probably repulsed to find pests thriving on your property. Pests are rather common in Idaho, especially because of the weather. By the time you see pests in plain sight, the infestation is already extreme. While some pests can cause structural damage, others can be a reason for health worries. It is advisable to call an exterminator at the earliest, because pest control is not a wise DIY weekend project. If you are confused about choosing a company for pest control in Boise, ID, here are some basic things to check. 

Check the response 

A professional exterminator never has fixed quotes. They will send their pest control inspectors to check the property and extent of infestation, and based on the work involved, they will give an estimate. They should also respond to your call or email at the earliest. If a pest control company isn’t interested in listening to your problems, look for alternatives. 

Find more through reviews

It can be hard to compare a bunch of pest control companies at once. This is where reviews can be handy. You can easily find independent reviews on Google, and to know a company better, you can ask for references too. Also, check if the pest control company has A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. 

Ask about the basic things

  1. Is the company licensed?
  2. Do you they have liability insurance?
  3. Do they have an in-house team of pest control experts? 
  4. What type of pest infestation issues do they typically deal with? 
  5. Will they offer an estimate in advance?
  6. Do they offer warranty on the work done?
  7. Does the exterminator offer annual contracts? 
  8. Does the company have necessary permissions to work in your area?
  9. Are they affiliated to any of the industry-relevant professional organizations?

Know the methods and products

Customers need to be rather specific with the pest control company they choose for their Boise home. Exterminators often use methods and pest control products that cause massive damage to the environment and our planet. Also, some of the products and pesticides are not even safe for animals around, so if you have pets at home, this is even more important. Ask specifically about the pest control means and methods they use and how they plan to minimize footprint on the environment. 

You will need a pest control company time and again. Avoid the mistake of choosing a company based on the estimate alone.