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A Sectional Sofa Guide For A Sensational Living Room

What exactly is a Sectional Sofa?

A sectional sofa is a couch that has 2 or 3 pieces, when joined together, forms a complete unit. These spate couches can be arranged and rearranged in different ways like sleeper sofas, armless chairs, storage and more. Basically, it behaves like toy building blocks, where they could be dismantled and rearranged differently every time. This type of sofa is customizable according to your requirements. It unlocks your imagination and creativity and helps you form different shapes and forms. The more the number of pieces in the sofa set, the higher the price will be. But there is nothing to worry about as Wakefit provides you with the best prices in the market for a sectional sofa.

Sectional Sofa Buying Guide

When it comes to buying a Sectional sofa for the living room, there are plenty of options when it comes to different styles, designs, configurations and sizes. Sometimes you might like the layout of the sofa but not the fabric or colour. In such cases, you can get the couch customized the way you want. Here are a few points that help you buy a sectional sofa for your living room.

  • Consider the size and shape of the room – It is essential to be aware of the space you avail to play with different configurations and shapes. Ensure that your sofa doesn’t occupy the entire area in the room or extend past a wall. It is not that sectionals work only in massive spaces. They look splendid in smaller spaces, too, provided you give the right set-up, form and shape to it. If you have ample space and a corner wall in the living room, you can consider an L-shaped sectional or any other form which adapts that particular space. Suppose you have a big hall and want to divide it into two, a sectional sofa, either L-shaped or curved, can be used to create a difference. It helps you create a distinct room within a room.
  • Fix your Budget – It is crucial to invest the right amount of money in the right product. The sofa set price varies depending upon the number of sections, type of fabric, additions like pillows and cushions etc. The power reclining sectionals are of a higher price than the stationary ones. You can omit to buy a love seat and instead invest in a more giant sectional to fit your budget and fulfil your needs.
  • Select the Shape, Type and Orientation – There are different options available in the market like:
Shape of Sectional Description
L-Shaped This shape is quite popular and forms a right angle by coming together in two lines. One line is longer than the other.
U-Shaped This is used when there is a lot of space available and if you have a large family. The U shape enables people to sit in a U-shape and face each other.
Chaise A chaise sectional has a chaise either on the left or right of the sofa. It is slightly similar to the traditional ones. The significant advantage here is that you have space to stretch your feet on one end or accommodate an extra person on the other edge opposite to the chaise.
Curved These curved sectionals are round and do not have sharp edges. They are used in places where the conversation is to be promoted.
Modular A modular sectional can be dismantled into more pieces than the other ones. There is a choice to pull out all the parts and push-pieces together to make a chaise or an “L”.
Sleeper This has a pull out couch which can be big enough to match the size of a queen-size bed and can be used as beds for visitors.
Type Description
Stationery This design has a fixed configuration and no moving parts. A few are manufactured in a single piece, while the others can be separated into individual components for moving. These components can be re-arranged.
Reclining In this type, anyone section comes with a reclining option for better functionality. It could be a normal recliner or a power recliner.
Symmetrical This design comprises two similar sofas joined together at a 90-degree angle.
Orientation Description
Left-Facing When you stand in front of the sofa, it is called the left facing sectional if the sofa arm faces your left.
Right-Facing When you stand in front of the sofa, it is called the right facing sectional if the arm faces your right.
  • Fix the Size of the Sectional Sofa– It is essential to use the right side of the sectional that fits your living room. Usually, small and mid-size sectionals are used in modern apartments, whereas large-sized sectionals are used in bungalows. The number of sections differs based on the size of the sectional sofa
Size Number of Sections
Small 2-piece sectional sofas
Mid-Sized 3-piece sectional sofas
Large 4-piece5-piece and 6-piece sectional sofas
  • Choose the Suitable Fabric – Soft and comfortable fabrics help you feel warm to snuggle up on your couch. Choose the best type of fabric which suits your home décor. Also, make sure you choose a material that puts up with sticky hands, pet hair and paws, etc. The material of your sofa has an impact on the durability, comfort and appearance of the couch. There are many materials available in the market like polyester, faux leather, genuine leather, microfibre, chenille, velvet, cotton, twill etc. Select a design that makes your living room look sophisticated and welcoming.
  • Blend with the Other Furniture – Match a coffee table or a teapoy with your sofa to add up to the beauty of the room. Ensure that the sofa material blends with the theme of the rest of the furniture in the room and does not look out of place. Choose soft colours or pastels that are in the current trend. Bold patterns are not used much as they can overwhelm the room suppressing the uniqueness and style of the room. Pick a style that complements the rest of the furniture in the room.


Selecting a sectional sofa for your room is not a one day process. When you look at a sofa online or in stores, visualize it in your living room to see if it matches your room. Choose a comfortable and durable sofa that satisfies the needs of all the members of the family. From two-seaters and three-seaters to L-shaped and curved sofas, Casa Concetto has a wide range of sofa sets in Singapore. Shop now!