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Here are the top reasons to replace your water filters on time

Did you know that water filters should be replaced on a regular basis? You might be asking yourself why. We will show you why water filters should be replaced regularly in this article.

What happens if your water filter isn’t changed on time? It is easy to see that your water won’t be clean. Water filters are essential to every household these days as no one wants harmful water contaminants on their glass and certainly not in their stomachs. However, water contamination is still a problem despite water filters being installed at home. This is due to the fact that you don’t replace your filter cartridge on time.

The filter cartridge works like a sponge and collects any contaminants in your water. The filter cartridge gets weaker over time and fails to properly purify your water. The system could stop working if the cartridges are not replaced when necessary.

If the filter is not properly replaced, it could become a major source of bacteria, mole and other harmful pollutants. These pollutants can build up in the filter and make it difficult for water to pass through. This will reduce the flow rate and cause a drastic change in the pressure of the water inside the pipes.

Water will therefore flow unfiltered through the system. The same water that comes out of your taps will eventually get into your body containing many harmful chemicals. These pollutants can lead to a host of health problems, including stomach upsets and other adverse effects.

It’s not worth having a filter at your home if it isn’t being replaced on time!

How do I know when my water filter should be replaced?

You now know why the filter needs to be replaced. But, do you want to know how to tell when it is too late? You can easily detect this-

  • It has a bitter taste and a strange odor.
  • The water pressure is gradually decreasing.
  • Check the water in a transparent container to see if dirt is floating in it
  • Make sure to check the instructions for installing your water filter model. The replacement schedule can be found in the installation guide. This is vital because the model of your filter will have a different replacement schedule.
  • You will need to choose a filter type if you are unable to find the installation guide or don’t know the model of your filter.

Keep track of when the filter was replaced so you can remember when it is time to replace it again. Keep the installation guide handy so you don’t forget about it. You will be able to recognize when it is time to replace your filters if you do all of these things.

You should understand the consequences of not replacing filters in time. To keep your filtration system functioning, you should replace your filter as soon as possible. Call us today to get a replacement filter for your reverse-osmosis system.

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