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Different Methods of Polishing Stone Floors

After laying your home’s flooring, you need to ensure that the floor is properly polished. However, to polish the stone and also to ensure that it will look bright and shiny is not as easy a job and it requires expert service to do this job.

No doubt, the entire process of stone polishing by using a stone polishing machine can always be quite complex and lengthy. You can get all the necessary tools and machines needed for stone polishing from STONE TOOLS, which has become a leading supplier of these tools in Australia.

The following are a few methods used for creating a kind of shine that you want to see on your natural stone floors.

1. Buffing by using polishing compounds and powders

Polishing compounds and powders are fine grains of tin or aluminum oxide abrasive powder that will be rubbed or buffed on the stone surface to create the necessary shine. In this process, the powder used will be much finer and abrasive.

2. Using diamond abrasives to grind

In this method of marble polishing Australia, grinding will be performed with various grits diamonds of industrial-grade having usually in 3” to 4” diameter pads or discs. The grinding process will be repeated with finer diamond grits until you achieve a mechanical shine.

3. Process of crystallization

Here, a chemical known as fluorosilicate will be sprayed on the stone and then buffed in by using steel wool pads to cause new, glassy crystals to get formed on the stone surface.

4. Application of barrier coating

In this method, semi-liquid/liquid wax, acrylics, urethane, acrylics, or few other types of polymers will be applied. All the applications are done by using a mop, sprayer, roller, or lamb’s wool applicator. Some of the wax needs to be buffed,

All the above methods are very commonly used for polishing your stone floors and can offer you the necessary look that you always want at your home.