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Tips on taking care of wet carpet

All of us love to keep our homes clean and in style. And the carpet is an important item to enhance the look of the room and offer a neater environment to welcome our guests. But, for most of us, items such as carpet are just one time buy, and we will ensure to use them for a longer time. Hence, to see the carpet getting spoiled is overwhelming.  To ensure the carpet to not get damaged due to water flooding in your house, here are some basic tips –

As the first step, check how the carpet got wet. The water from the broken pipe could have spoiled the carpet or water overflowing from the sink might be the cause. Or carpet that is unattended during rain could also cause damage. Find the root cause of the water flowing towards the carpet and get it fixed as the first step of the restoration process of the carpet.

If it is water from the house such as sink or rainwater, the carpet can be restored and used again. But if the water from the dishwasher or washing machine wets the carpet, you might have to work a little harder to get the carpet cleaned from the dirt accumulated on the carpet. A thorough cleaning is required to remove the dirt from the carpet. But the good news is that you can still use the carpet.

Another reason for carpet to get damaged is due to the flood in your area. In such a scenario, the toxic dirt might have attacked the carpet by the time you are ready to clean it. Moulds, spores and bacteria accumulation on the carpet is not good for your health and is best advised to replace the carpet. Are you think of getting a new carpet for your house, QC Flooring is the right place.

When the carpet gets wet, you should ensure to act quickly. This is because the carpet material is such that when it gets wet, the mould, fungus and bacteria start to quickly make their home on the carpet. These microorganisms are hazardous to your health and you need to be extra careful to clean the carpet thoroughly using deep cleaning agents to ensure it is perfect to be reused.

First and foremost, ensure to remove the water from the carpet. If you have a wet vacuum cleaner or steam cleaner, pull all the water from the carpet. After that, use the vacuum in a single stroke several times to dry the carpet quickly. Ensure to keep the doors and windows open to have better air circulation while cleaning the carpet.

Pull the wet carpet and remove the pads in case you have the padding underneath the carpet. Do not use the padding again. When you are sure that you have tried your best to remove all the soaked water from the carpet, lay it straight on the floor and vacuum it again.

Never use bleach powder directly on the carpet to sanitize it. Bleaching tends to damage the carpet and even the floor underneath. Another disadvantage of bleaching is that it discolours dark carpets. Call professional cleaners to get the carpet cleaned when you are running out of time or energy. Professional cleaners can help you efficiently using the right equipment and ensure the durability of the carpet.