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Amazing tips for choosing the best shoe rack!

If you love collecting different shoes and want to deliver the utmost care to them, then you should definitely select a good shoe rack now. A shoe rack is the home for all of your shoes and allows you to keep them in one place. They contribute to better organization & allows you to tidy up your living space in a better way. There are different kinds of shoe racks that are available in the market and if you are confused about which racks you should use, then here are some tips that will surely help.

  • Space dimensions – Before getting an ideal shoe storage solution, check for the available space where you will place the stand. Most people choose a top-quality wooden shoe rack, which is, by the way, the best pick. However, it doesn’t sometimes work due to the space issues. For example, if you have set a place for the rack at the entrance, you need to get a slim design as the area is not that wide. A big design might block the passage. A wall-hanging shoe stand could be one of the good options to save floor space. The point here is, measure the space aptly before buying.
  • Form and function: Form and function are two important factors that should run on a parallel note. The keeping capacity of the rack is determined by how strong the unit is. The material quality represents the appearance too. You would notice that the expensive pieces have an excellent silhouette and look fascinating while the ones with a lesser price tag get a thin profile, which is not only unfunctional but doesn’t match with the existing visuals of the room too. The third type is the metal shoe rack, which looks stylish, suits every décor and is friendly to the pockets.
  • Design: Different shoe racks have different styles and offer different services. If you have an exclusive collection of expensive leather heels or boots, opt for a closed cabinet design to keep the varieties safe and dust free. If you want to store the daily wearables, an open-shelf design would be appropriate. If you choose the design with lids, doors, and flaps, see whether it allows the shoes to breathe or not.
  • Budget: This is in terms of the size of the shoe stand and the price you are going to pay for it. Don’t let your money flow effortlessly on a giant unit if you don’t even have a requirement. Various small, subtle and less intricated pieces are available that look equally classy. Go for them. Count the number of footwear you actually own and keep a rough idea of how much extra space you will need for the new ones. Shop the shoe rack smartly.