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Types of land surveys offered by land mapping service on Long Island

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Do you own a real estate firm and want to buy vacant land? You are at the right place- no matter if you are buying it for residential or commercial purposes, every land needs land mapping service on Long Island.  It is likely you will require having knowledge of different types of land surveys in order to finance the purchase. 

ALTA/ACSM Poll – This form of land survey is frequently employed to meet the needs of a lender or a buyer. It is amongst the most detailed types of land surveying, covering all of an estate’s features and skills and the most popular and commonly used in real estate firms.

Boundary survey – Architectural monumentation, chars, and documented contracts are all parts of this survey of an estate’s borders. This form of surveying typically includes fieldwork on neighboring lands to determine and confirm the proper land borders.

Survey of the Site Planning – Site planning survey has its own advantageous and is the most preferred one in the list. A border and geographical survey are combined into this type of survey. Residential plots, urban and business sites, lanes and roads, subdivisions, shops, and parks are all examples of places where it’s employed.

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Sub-divisions survey – This survey is used to split a large piece of land into coveted, estates, or divisions. This method of survey must be documented by the municipal authority in question and is used to construct roads, sewer lines, and parking lots. Government plays a major role in sub division land survey methods and involves detailed formalities too.

Construction survey – Infrastructures such as streets, fences, offices, and amenities are staked out using this land survey. It is a very commonly used type of survey and land mapping services on Long Island which has helped the real estate industries and civil engineers in building construction work.