Home Improvement

Tips to furnish a new home

A new home excites everyone no matter whether you are buying it or just shifting to a new one. Along with a new house comes new opportunities and a platform to showcase your home decorating skills.

Howbeit, furnishing your home can also become a paramount job with the amount of planning, buying, and physical task involved. Here, we offer you a helping hand to make the process simpler and easier.

Basic furniture – Start with staple pieces of furniture and then move on to consider other home décor and accessories. After making a list of things you own, if you plan to buy a purple L shape sofa, it becomes mandatory to work around using that colour scheme and theme. And if you buy a blue upholstered double bed, make sure everything else matches with it, the same applies to your dining room and every other room.  Try to save money while buying other items but never do that with your basic furniture as they should last long without any compromise on comfort level.

Storage – Achieve the right balance of form and function by incorporating furniture that can double up on storage too. Stack your essentials inside closed storage units to give your home a cleaner look. Use vertical space for storage by installing floating shelves and wall-mounted bookshelves.

Furnishings – Create balance and intimacy with soft fabrics and cool textures in your new sanctuary. If you love bold patterns and vibrant colors, get going with your eye-catching theme. Pillows in interesting colours, prints, and shapes can enliven your home and offer comfort too. Try to achieve perfect window treatment by using curtains that coordinate with the room color.

Lighting – With proper use of lighting, the atmosphere can be made ambient as well as a proper focus can be made on the decor and accessories. Accent lighting can be used to glam up the look of the room. Though it is necessary to illuminate every square space, it is also necessary to soften the lighting in the living room, and dining room to make it appear inviting and pleasant.

Art and accessories – Flaunt your art on walls to score up the style quotient. Group your collectibles based on theme or color and put them on full display to bring character and drama to your space.

Mirrors – Remember to hang one mirror in every room as it can brighten up space by reflecting the lights. Use mirrors as a decorative piece, you can add them to your gallery wall or hang a single piece of statement-making mirror to give voice to the walls.

Take up the process of decorating your new home by examining the rooms one by one so that you are not stressed out. Take note to keep the fabrics and finishes to match your style and needs without being swept away by transient trends. The outcome is going to amaze you as it will be a pure reflection of you.