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Safety regulations for balustrade glass

Glass balustrades,or glass railing, the function is same as glass pool fence,is the perfect decorative feature for interior landings, staircases, balconies, high walkways.Glass balustrade must be designed and installed according to strict regulations to make it more reliable and withstand the constant use pressures.

The regulations stipulate that all glass balustrades should be strong, tough and durable, to minimize any collapse risks.Glass is also perfect materials used in balustrades because of its natural appearance and high strength.

Glass Height:

The minimum height requirement for all glass balustrades should be 0.9m from the point that it is stood on, up to the height of the handrail. Alternatively, if you intend to install a glass balustrade on the exterior of your building, the minimum height to the handrail must be 1.1m high. The reason for this is fairly self-explanatory – it is principally to help protect everyone – adventurous adults, children and animals – from accidentally falling over the edge!

Loading Requirements

When planning the tLoading Requirementshickness and style of your particular balustrade, there are three load requirements which you will need to comply with: Horizontal loading on the handrail, vertical loading on the handrail and loading on the infill.

Usually the deflection caused by a heavy load must never exceed 25mm. For this reason, the material you source from your glass suppliers needs to be extremely strong and tough, to cope with whatever life may throw at it!

As a rule of thumb to follow, domestic glass balustrades need to withstand 0.74 kN/m for every metre of the balustrade. Tempered or laminated glass infills must also measure a minimum of 10mm in thickness.

Laminated glass is always strong, but its infill must be tested for both distributed load and point load, making absolutely sure that the infill in the centre of the laminated panel can endure evenly distributed weight as well as concentrated pressure on one small point.

Toughened and Laminated Glass

Morn Building Materials is experienced glass suppliers providing both toughened and laminated glass for global customers .

Min toughened glass used in glass balustrades are 10mm, other thickness,12mm,15mm,19mm are also available.

Toughened laminated balustrade glass,6+1.52+6,8 +1.52+8,10+1.52+10,12+1.52+12 etc.

Other surface treatment such as silk screen to make glass more patterns, self-cleaning treatment enables 10 years warranty, and anti-reflective glass to increase glass visual light transmittance all helps glass balustrade more beautiful.

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