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8 Things To Remember If You’re Moving In The Summer

Summer is an eventful time for companies that provide storage units northern Virginia. Many people often choose this period to move into their new homes. If you’re one of those, read on to find out eight things to remember when moving during what is considered the industry’s peak season.

Book early. Because it’s peak moving season, you have to do everything in advance. Research, get quotes, and select the most suitable company specializing in moving and providing storage units Northern Virginia. Experts advise choosing a date from the very beginning or the very end of this season for a more hassle-free experience.

Keep track of your budget. Moving in summer is generally more expensive — moving companies tend to charge a higher rate during this time. To help you stay within your budget, create a comprehensive budget plan and identify all your projected costs. Don’t forget to include a contingency fund to cover any emergency expenses.

Pack things smartly. Do an inventory of your belongings and sort out which you’ll move and those you’ll get rid of. To be more efficient, consider enlisting your whole family’s help — including the kids. As it is summer, make sure to protect heat-sensitive items (e.g., electronics should not be packed in sweltering heat for a long time).

Keep daily essentials separately. When renting storage units Northern Virginia for your move, you have to keep the essentials in a separate box or knapsack. This includes toiletries, a fresh set of clothes, and towels. You should also keep any important document within reach.

Take advantage of the yard sale season. The summer season is also considered a yard sale season. If there are items you won’t be taking to your new place, why not make money out of them? Safely hold a garage sale and gather extra funds for your move.

Check the utilities in your new home. Imagine moving into a new home with no proper utility yet: The air conditioning unit is not yet functioning; the water has been shut off. It’s anti-climactic, impractical, and quite an unpleasant surprise. So make sure to include this on your to-do list and tick it off before moving day.

Prepare refreshments. Moving is a laborious task. To protect your family and your movers against the summer heat, keep yourselves cool by staying hydrated and using portable fans. Prepare a cooler full of ice and load it with water and other refreshments. Wear light clothing, and if you want, you can also consider using sunscreen lotion as an added layer of protection for your skin.

Take a break. From packing to holding a yard sale to relocating per se, a lot of things will happen on your big move. Don’t force yourself to accomplish tasks in one go — especially when the summer heat is at its peak. Take breaks and relax at the right intervals. Have a positive attitude, and don’t let stress take over as you begin a new chapter in your life.

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