Flooring and Kitchen

Do you want your floor to add oomph to the house?

Whenever we look at the house, we tend to underestimate the look of the floor. Mostly we do not even check it out. But it is a very essential part of the home. For a neat and tidy house, a clean floor is a must. And to make it stand out you can apply paint. This will not only change the whole look but also make the place easy to clean. You can make the texture non-slippery and also use paint according to the footfall of the area. There are many colour options that you can get for the floor of the different areas of the house. Click here to know more.

Tips for easy floor painting:

  • Select the paint:every room will need a different type of paint. When you are looking to paint a bedroom you can use a glossy and vibrant type of paint. While when you consider the paint for the bathroom it must be non-slippery. There are different types of paints like epoxy, water-based, oil-based and so on. The paints used inside the house as well as used on the floor outside are different. The surface below will also determine the paint being used. The wooden floor cannot be painted with the same paint as a concrete floor. Also, remember to buy extra paint as there will be multiple coats. So, buy some solvent with the paint for any stain removal after the work is finished. You can hire a professional for the job and let them handle it for you.
  • Preparation: you need to clean the floor before it gets painted. There can be dirt, grease or even stains on the floor. So, you need to clean it thoroughly. If any repair work is being done in the house let it all be finished, else there will be damages to the paint due to the falling of dirt on the fresh paint.
  • The surface below: make sure the surface that has to be painted is neat and clean. Also, there are no cracks or gaps on the floor. If there are even small cracks get them filled. Do not ignore them, these will increase with time and then appear on the surface and ruin your floor paint. Make sure to remove all the grease. You can even try to do an acid wash if there are stubborn stains. Then rub off the surface with sandpaper to make it smooth. This will give a perfect finish.
  • Coats: once the whole floor is properly dry for a few hours you can start. Begin with a primer coat of the floor. After even application, leave it for drying for a day. Then apply a coat of the pain that you have selected. You may need many coats to get a uniform and desired look. Then let it dry for another day. After that, you must apply a coat of latex or something similar that goes well with the paint to keep it safe and strong. For further explanation click here to know more.