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Keeping bed bugs at bay: Things worth knowing

For the unversed, bed bugs are parasites. Unlike termites, which thrive on wood, bed bugs feed on the blood of humans and other animals. These are nocturnal insects, which are most active at night. Besides spotting bed bugs on the mattress and bed rims, you may wake up with strange marks on your body. So, can you keep bed bugs in control? What scent keeps bed bugs away? When should you call an exterminator? Find all details here. 

The basic options for homeowners

Just because you have found signs of bed bugs doesn’t mean you have to call an exterminator right away. It is important to consider the extent of infestation. A few products that work well for controlling bed bugs include rubbing alcohol, tea tree oil, and extreme heat. Bed bugs die instantly when exposed to high heat, and that could be a worthwhile remedy, provided you can take all the safety precautions. There are also ready-to-use sprays and products that promise to kill bed bugs. With regular vacuuming and cleaning, you should see a difference. 

Scents for keeping bed bugs away

There are some scents that irritate bed bugs. If you have managed to control the infestation to an extent, you can try using lavender oil, tea tree oil, Blood Orange Oil, Powdered Pepper, or Peppermint oil. You can either use a diffuser for the essential oils, or add a few drops on the mattress and areas where bed bugs thrive.  

When to call an exterminator? 

If you find bed bugs at night, despite all the measures we just mentioned, it’s probably time to hire an exterminator. Professional pest control companies know what it takes to deal with bed bugs, and their experts will come in equipped with necessary tools, machines, and equipment. Most London bed bug control companies like Diamond Pest Control follow an integrated pest control approach, so they try to use the best possible methods to keep the infestation in control. Also, exterminators will offer an estimate in advance, so you don’t have to worry about hidden costs. 

Save money and time with exterminators

Hiring an exterminator could be an ideal step for bed bugs control, because you can save both time and money. Pest control services are rather affordable these days, and you can expect to get a warranty on the job too. Just make sure that the exterminator you hire is licensed and has liability insurance. Don’t shy away from asking about their methods and procedures in depth.