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Why Summer Is the Right Time To Replace Radiators 

It’s probably not the first thing you think of, but taking on a project like changing your radiators is best done at a time of the year when your heating isn’t on so often. Summer is the perfect time of the year to replace your radiators.

The warm summer days allow your home to be heated by natural sunlight. This means that as well as having long evenings to research your best options, you can then enjoy the comfortable summer months while an engineer works in your home. Summer really is the best time to replace your radiators.

Heating engineers can book in your work for summertime

Spare a thought for your local heating engineer; with cold weather and often antiquated heating systems, heating and plumbing professionals are at their busiest during the winter months, often being called out at any and all hours of the day and night (as these things often go wrong when it’s least convenient). 

By contrast, this means that in the summer, they may have more time for larger projects like replacing radiators and you won’t need to worry about an unexpected chill in the night, or a burst pipe whilst at work!

Make the most of the off-peak period and book in with a heating engineer to do the work.

Choose from a wide selection of radiators

A boiler breakdown is bad luck and it is especially bad during winter months, as you may not be able to get a heating engineer or a plumber straight away to do this kind of work. Add to the blisteringly cold weather and you have a recipe for disaster. 

If you spend the springtime planning, you can take your time choosing the right radiators for you, as radiators come in many different shapes and sizes and there are many different brands to choose from. 

If you settle on one type of radiator, you can have them fitted later as summer is the best time to replace your radiators. For a huge variety of great radiators, you will want to choose a specialist retailer like Trade Radiators.

You aren’t going to freeze while you wait on repairs!

Imagine being at home with no heating or hot water on a cold January day. If you especially enjoy the heat, it could be your worst nightmare. On top of this, heating up rooms with an old, dusty space heater while you wait on repairs or replacement is an extra expense that nobody needs at that time of year.

It will take between 2 and 4 days to replace or repair your radiators at any time of year. Winter is not the time to have this decision thrust upon you because of a broken-down boiler. If you add frozen or burst pipes to the mix, replacing your radiators in the summer begins to look like a great idea.

You could make huge savings in the summer 

You are already saving on your heating bills in the summer. Everyone uses less gas & electricity in the summer. Why not put those savings toward replacing your radiators during a summer holiday? 

If you replace your radiators in the summer, you will also save money in the long term. A new and efficient boiler will save on fuel and costly radiator repairs. A brand heating system with radiators could see you save you a whopping three fifths on your heating bill. All the more reason to replace radiators in the summer, and see the benefit of these savings straight away.