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What Rodents can Do to You and Your House

Rodents gnaw on soft materials constantly. This means that they can chew through electrical wire, ruin storage material, damage furniture, and rip up your insulation. Also, mice and rats leave feces and urine everywhere that could spoil your food and become a serious health hazard. 

Homes in Austin are at risk of rodent infestations, particularly in fall and winter. Unfortunately, these rodents are quite damaging. So, if you find a few rats inside your house, you should contact experts in pest control in Schertz, TX immediately. You want to address the issue immediately to avoid further damage.  Here’s what rodents can do to you and your house:

Put Your Home at Risk of Fire

Rodent teeth don’t stop growing, so to keep their teeth manageable, rats and mice gnaw on something constantly. They will chew on anything they can find such as insulation, cardboard, plastic, paper, packaging material, and electrical wiring. As they gnaw on an electrical wire, they put your house at risk of fire. Damage wiring sparks and overheats, which may start dangerous electrical fires. That is why you must take a rodent infestation seriously and let pest control professionals like Pest Exterminators Herts eliminate it.

Compromise Your Health and the Health of Your Family

Rodents carry and transmit diseases. Also, their feces, saliva, and urine can directly transmit a variety of diseases such as Tularemia and Hantavirus. They carry ticks, fleas, lice, and other pests into your house, indirectly spreading more diseases. Ignoring a rodent infestation can compromise the health of all those who live in your house and even make your home inhabitable in no time. 

Damage Your Food

Rodents can easily find and make their way inside stored foods. They can sniff out food location through doors, walls, and containers. Indeed, they can infiltrate your house by following the smell of food. 

When rats and mice find food sources, they squeeze through any small openings and tear through boxes and bags. After they establish their residence, they build nests near food sources. Rodents in your food are a serious health risk and a substantial expense. When your food is contaminated, you have to throw it away. Wasting food can quickly get expensive. 

Damage Structures

Rodents eat, gnaw, build nests, and reproduce. Every rodent will hurt your house. Rats and mice work their way through nooks, walls, and crannies to get food and ruin your insulation and weatherproofing in the process. Eventually, their gnawing can wear down furniture, ruin paper products, or tear out insulation, compromising your home’s structure. 

To prevent these issues, you must keep rodents out of your house. A pest control expert can help you put an end to a rodent infestation.